Friday, March 13, 2015

Taking time from reality to reminisce...

That's right. 

I am back in Phoenix and am actually happy to be back.I had such an amazing time in Florida but being away from my bed for so long was taking a toll on me. I seriously suffered from a lack of sleep while in Florida. 

My trip to Florida started off with a bang. My mom picked me up from the airport on Saturday and we headed to the store to get my toiletries. I decided to travel without packing toiletries so I had to buy everything when I landed. We had to get everything ready for the next day. Although I was exhausted from the day of traveling, my mom ended up waking everyone up at 6am on Sunday to make our way to New Orleans. We used to live there and a day trip to New Orleans is a tradition in my family. 

So, the three of us (my mother, cousin and I) drove to New Orleans and I took this time to introduce them to the Serial podcast. We were engrossed and the drive went by quickly. (Guys... I highly suggest that you listen to this podcast. AMAZING. You will be hooked). 

In New Orleans, we...
* ate beignets and drank cafe au laits at the Cafe du Monde
* walked around the French Quarter
* Walked along the river
* Ate at the Gumbo Shop and had Crawfish etoufee, Jambalaya, and gumbo. So yummy!

We then headed back to Florida after the day in New Orleans. The were engrossed in the Serial Podcast during the drive back. 

The week started off slow. It felt good being home and I took the time, while my mother was at work, to just enjoy Florida. Spending time with my mom was refreshing. I had not seen her since she came to AZ to visit me in January of 2014 so the bonding time was much needed. 

During my week (while in my home town), I...
* frequented the beach - My mom was able to get a condo for the week
* Frequented downtown 
* ate at Steak n Shake (yummy!) and had my typical meal (ie a frisco melt wih fries and a turtle shake)
* got some yummy Krispy Kreme
* ate at Fish House 
* FINALLY had some Yeungling!
* Celebrated my cousin Roselle's birthday

Mid week, I ended up driving to Tallahassee to visit my friend Chris. I drove over on Wednesday and we were able to eat some Zaxby's (another yummy that I cannot indulge in while in Arizona) and drink some wine while reminiscing and catching up. I had not seen him in FOREVER. It has been years so it was nice to speak face to face instead of via our routine Skype sessions. 

The beach was beautiful. It was just cold and cloudy most of the week. It really did not clear up until my last day- Saturday, the day I left. Since my flight took off around 7pm, we decided to wake up and walk the beach and boardwalk. The weather was amazing and the beach was just gorgeous. 

I had such an amazing trip and it was so hard to come back to reality. It helped to have Dreamy pick me up from the airport and spend the rest of the weekend with me. He is such a cutie. 

It was so good to take time from reality to reminisce about my vacation back to Florida. 



  1. Long time I know, I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I hope things are working well for you! :)


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