Saturday, March 7, 2015

New years 2015

I'm still in Florida, y'all. 
I actually head out later on today and am kind of moping around.
I am dreading the flight and am really going to miss my mom. 

Nevertheless, I thought I would take the free time to update you on how I brought in the year 2015. 
I had no plans for the New Year and getting my New Years kiss from Dreamy was out of the question because he was out of time for New Years. Plus, I really just wanted to give into my loner tendencies and cuddle in bed and watch movies. 
Something quiet and relaxing. 

That did not happen. 

During the work day (YES, I worked Dec 31st), my friend kept texting and asking about my plans. He is also from Florida and didn't have family to celebrate the New Year with, so I gave in when he asked if I wanted to spend it with him. I was optimistic until the end of the day. Once I got home, I started to feel lazy. Not really in the mood to entertain and socialize and it didn't help that my roommate (who is super awesome) was also in the same funk. 

But I still gave in and invited my friend and his roommate to come over. I brought out the wine and grapes. Once everyone arrived I separated the grapes and got them ready for midnight. 

I made espresso to wake everyone up. 

We brought out Cards Against Humanity and played for hours. 

We had several tequila shots. Too many to count. 

We drank all of the wine bottles.

Midnight came and we each ate our 12 grapes. 

I got my "Happy New Years" texts from Dreamy. 

... and we all sat around talking for a couple more hours before everyone went to bed. 

I woke too early on the 1st. It was a cloudy gloomy day but I still felt fresh and optimistic. How lucky am I to be able to celebrate another year.

We all laid in bed forever. We were all still feeling the effects from the drinks the night before. BUT we had to get up to go to the bar and watch the football games. So we made our way to House of Brews (a new favorite haunt that is super close to my house). 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and trying to sober up so I wouldn't feel horrible the next day at work. 

Yup. I had an amazing New Years. Even if I HAD to spend it with people :)

Love you all!



... enjoy the pictures 

PS... does anyone else do the 12 grapes at midnight? They are supposed to give you good luck for the twelve months of the year. 

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