Monday, March 2, 2015


For the past few months, I have developed a routine.

Sunday: Wake up happy that it's still the weekend but already dreading going to bed because I know when I wake again it will be time to go to work

Monday- Thursday: Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Find something to do. Go to sleep.

Friday: Wake up. Go to work. Leave work excited for the weekend.

I was in a rut. Not necessarily outside of work. BUT work was getting redundant. I was just a body taking up space. I still excelled. No one can say that I was not doing well. I was just.... bored. I was becoming complacent and not challenging myself. I had no goals.

Well... I had my year end review last week and I did pretty well. It felt good to get the feedback that I got and I don't know why but it lit a fire under my butt. Leaving that meeting gave me new-found motivation.

Yup. I immediately created a folder for my professional goals with the company and have started to put things into place.

It's amazing how something so simple (like a meeting and a to-do/ goal list) could be a source of motivation.

Guys. I have my groove back!

Oh yeah!



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