Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas 2014... reminiscing

Lourdes here.
Still in Florida, driving my mom crazy.

While my mom is working, I decided to spend my alone time in a coffee shop on Pensacola beach. A past-time that I have been longing for since I moved away from home. I WOULD be out on the beach but that was thwarted by the temperatures that we have currently been experiencing here on the Gulf Coast. Just my luck! 

As I was sitting here drinking my hot cocoa, I started looking through the photos in my phone. That was when I realized that I still have not updated y'all (yes... I am in the panhandle... we use "y'all") on the happening over the holidays. I briefly mentioned it, but didn't go into detail. So, I have decided to do that today. 

Before I start the recap, I should give a shout-out to a very special person. 
My cousin, RoRo (not her real name btw). 
Today is her birthday and I am so glad that I was able to be in Florida to see her today. 
Not much to say other than she is amazing and
Love you tons.  

So yeah, this past Christmas was amazing. I cannot recall whether I previously mentioned that I was able to purchase tickets to visit my dad and siblings in Houston. 

The trip was amazing. I was only there for 4 or 5 days, but the time pent with my family was memorable. Before this trip, I had never met my youngest sister. This was partly due to the crazy and rocky relationship that I have with my dad. 

Guys, this trip was great. I was so nervous to see my dad and I don't even understand why. I got to know my dad again. He was so happy to see me and to see all (except for one- Christina you should have been there) of his kids together. My younger sister, Alicia, flew into Houston from Orlando a few days before me and all of the group texts between the family shows the anticipation and the excitement. 

My youngest siblings grew. I wasn't expecting everyone to be so grown up. 

My brother is a teenager. It was shocking to see how tall he is. His voice was changing which was extremely weird. I miss his baby voice! It was great to see him healthy and active (I have mentioned his Crohn's disease previously). Also, He turned 15 on Christmas Eve! He is a teenager! I cannot get over it. 

My sister, Natalia, is just beautiful. The last time I saw her was for Alicia's graduation. She was a little bitty girl and now she is 8 years old and such a young lady. She is so smart and the things she said during this trip just left me in awe. 

I was able to take her on a shopping trip with me to the mall on Christmas Eve and I am so grateful for the alone time with her. We were able to speak and I really got to know her. My family also had this thing where the older siblings take showers with the younger siblings (it obviously stop when the youngies are too old for this...) so she was my shower partner for a while. She said the funniest things in the shower. 

My youngest sister, Victoria, is three years old and I mentioned earlier in this post that I never met her before this trip. So meeting her was amazing. She was this little chunky monkey and I fell in love immediately. She was also a shower buddy of mine. Too cute! 

Not much left to say. Just thought I would bombard you with a bunch of pictures from the trip. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 
I sure did!
Another amazing Christmas!

Love my family. 
Love you all!

Lourdes <3

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