Friday, March 13, 2015

Taking time from reality to reminisce...

That's right. 

I am back in Phoenix and am actually happy to be back.I had such an amazing time in Florida but being away from my bed for so long was taking a toll on me. I seriously suffered from a lack of sleep while in Florida. 

My trip to Florida started off with a bang. My mom picked me up from the airport on Saturday and we headed to the store to get my toiletries. I decided to travel without packing toiletries so I had to buy everything when I landed. We had to get everything ready for the next day. Although I was exhausted from the day of traveling, my mom ended up waking everyone up at 6am on Sunday to make our way to New Orleans. We used to live there and a day trip to New Orleans is a tradition in my family. 

So, the three of us (my mother, cousin and I) drove to New Orleans and I took this time to introduce them to the Serial podcast. We were engrossed and the drive went by quickly. (Guys... I highly suggest that you listen to this podcast. AMAZING. You will be hooked). 

In New Orleans, we...
* ate beignets and drank cafe au laits at the Cafe du Monde
* walked around the French Quarter
* Walked along the river
* Ate at the Gumbo Shop and had Crawfish etoufee, Jambalaya, and gumbo. So yummy!

We then headed back to Florida after the day in New Orleans. The were engrossed in the Serial Podcast during the drive back. 

The week started off slow. It felt good being home and I took the time, while my mother was at work, to just enjoy Florida. Spending time with my mom was refreshing. I had not seen her since she came to AZ to visit me in January of 2014 so the bonding time was much needed. 

During my week (while in my home town), I...
* frequented the beach - My mom was able to get a condo for the week
* Frequented downtown 
* ate at Steak n Shake (yummy!) and had my typical meal (ie a frisco melt wih fries and a turtle shake)
* got some yummy Krispy Kreme
* ate at Fish House 
* FINALLY had some Yeungling!
* Celebrated my cousin Roselle's birthday

Mid week, I ended up driving to Tallahassee to visit my friend Chris. I drove over on Wednesday and we were able to eat some Zaxby's (another yummy that I cannot indulge in while in Arizona) and drink some wine while reminiscing and catching up. I had not seen him in FOREVER. It has been years so it was nice to speak face to face instead of via our routine Skype sessions. 

The beach was beautiful. It was just cold and cloudy most of the week. It really did not clear up until my last day- Saturday, the day I left. Since my flight took off around 7pm, we decided to wake up and walk the beach and boardwalk. The weather was amazing and the beach was just gorgeous. 

I had such an amazing trip and it was so hard to come back to reality. It helped to have Dreamy pick me up from the airport and spend the rest of the weekend with me. He is such a cutie. 

It was so good to take time from reality to reminisce about my vacation back to Florida. 


Saturday, March 7, 2015

New years 2015

I'm still in Florida, y'all. 
I actually head out later on today and am kind of moping around.
I am dreading the flight and am really going to miss my mom. 

Nevertheless, I thought I would take the free time to update you on how I brought in the year 2015. 
I had no plans for the New Year and getting my New Years kiss from Dreamy was out of the question because he was out of time for New Years. Plus, I really just wanted to give into my loner tendencies and cuddle in bed and watch movies. 
Something quiet and relaxing. 

That did not happen. 

During the work day (YES, I worked Dec 31st), my friend kept texting and asking about my plans. He is also from Florida and didn't have family to celebrate the New Year with, so I gave in when he asked if I wanted to spend it with him. I was optimistic until the end of the day. Once I got home, I started to feel lazy. Not really in the mood to entertain and socialize and it didn't help that my roommate (who is super awesome) was also in the same funk. 

But I still gave in and invited my friend and his roommate to come over. I brought out the wine and grapes. Once everyone arrived I separated the grapes and got them ready for midnight. 

I made espresso to wake everyone up. 

We brought out Cards Against Humanity and played for hours. 

We had several tequila shots. Too many to count. 

We drank all of the wine bottles.

Midnight came and we each ate our 12 grapes. 

I got my "Happy New Years" texts from Dreamy. 

... and we all sat around talking for a couple more hours before everyone went to bed. 

I woke too early on the 1st. It was a cloudy gloomy day but I still felt fresh and optimistic. How lucky am I to be able to celebrate another year.

We all laid in bed forever. We were all still feeling the effects from the drinks the night before. BUT we had to get up to go to the bar and watch the football games. So we made our way to House of Brews (a new favorite haunt that is super close to my house). 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and trying to sober up so I wouldn't feel horrible the next day at work. 

Yup. I had an amazing New Years. Even if I HAD to spend it with people :)

Love you all!



... enjoy the pictures 

PS... does anyone else do the 12 grapes at midnight? They are supposed to give you good luck for the twelve months of the year. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas 2014... reminiscing

Lourdes here.
Still in Florida, driving my mom crazy.

While my mom is working, I decided to spend my alone time in a coffee shop on Pensacola beach. A past-time that I have been longing for since I moved away from home. I WOULD be out on the beach but that was thwarted by the temperatures that we have currently been experiencing here on the Gulf Coast. Just my luck! 

As I was sitting here drinking my hot cocoa, I started looking through the photos in my phone. That was when I realized that I still have not updated y'all (yes... I am in the panhandle... we use "y'all") on the happening over the holidays. I briefly mentioned it, but didn't go into detail. So, I have decided to do that today. 

Before I start the recap, I should give a shout-out to a very special person. 
My cousin, RoRo (not her real name btw). 
Today is her birthday and I am so glad that I was able to be in Florida to see her today. 
Not much to say other than she is amazing and
Love you tons.  

So yeah, this past Christmas was amazing. I cannot recall whether I previously mentioned that I was able to purchase tickets to visit my dad and siblings in Houston. 

The trip was amazing. I was only there for 4 or 5 days, but the time pent with my family was memorable. Before this trip, I had never met my youngest sister. This was partly due to the crazy and rocky relationship that I have with my dad. 

Guys, this trip was great. I was so nervous to see my dad and I don't even understand why. I got to know my dad again. He was so happy to see me and to see all (except for one- Christina you should have been there) of his kids together. My younger sister, Alicia, flew into Houston from Orlando a few days before me and all of the group texts between the family shows the anticipation and the excitement. 

My youngest siblings grew. I wasn't expecting everyone to be so grown up. 

My brother is a teenager. It was shocking to see how tall he is. His voice was changing which was extremely weird. I miss his baby voice! It was great to see him healthy and active (I have mentioned his Crohn's disease previously). Also, He turned 15 on Christmas Eve! He is a teenager! I cannot get over it. 

My sister, Natalia, is just beautiful. The last time I saw her was for Alicia's graduation. She was a little bitty girl and now she is 8 years old and such a young lady. She is so smart and the things she said during this trip just left me in awe. 

I was able to take her on a shopping trip with me to the mall on Christmas Eve and I am so grateful for the alone time with her. We were able to speak and I really got to know her. My family also had this thing where the older siblings take showers with the younger siblings (it obviously stop when the youngies are too old for this...) so she was my shower partner for a while. She said the funniest things in the shower. 

My youngest sister, Victoria, is three years old and I mentioned earlier in this post that I never met her before this trip. So meeting her was amazing. She was this little chunky monkey and I fell in love immediately. She was also a shower buddy of mine. Too cute! 

Not much left to say. Just thought I would bombard you with a bunch of pictures from the trip. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 
I sure did!
Another amazing Christmas!

Love my family. 
Love you all!

Lourdes <3

Monday, March 2, 2015


For the past few months, I have developed a routine.

Sunday: Wake up happy that it's still the weekend but already dreading going to bed because I know when I wake again it will be time to go to work

Monday- Thursday: Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Find something to do. Go to sleep.

Friday: Wake up. Go to work. Leave work excited for the weekend.

I was in a rut. Not necessarily outside of work. BUT work was getting redundant. I was just a body taking up space. I still excelled. No one can say that I was not doing well. I was just.... bored. I was becoming complacent and not challenging myself. I had no goals.

Well... I had my year end review last week and I did pretty well. It felt good to get the feedback that I got and I don't know why but it lit a fire under my butt. Leaving that meeting gave me new-found motivation.

Yup. I immediately created a folder for my professional goals with the company and have started to put things into place.

It's amazing how something so simple (like a meeting and a to-do/ goal list) could be a source of motivation.

Guys. I have my groove back!

Oh yeah!



Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sometimes I binge...

On Netflix
Who doesn't?

Since I have been gone for the longest time, I thought I would list out the shows I have been bingeing and loving

* Doctor Who
* Californication
* Gilmore Girls
* Arrested Development
* How I Met Your Mother
* Bob's Burgers
* Scandal
* House of Cards- Season three just was released on Netflix and I am trying to find time to start (and finish) the season
* Reign
* Pretty Little Liars - only the seasons on Netflix
* Breaking Bad

Guys. I have been obsessed with Breaking Bad. It was my most recent binge and I have been obsessed. Get on it if you have not watched it. So good!

So yeah.

Pointless post. BUT this kind of gives a hint of what I have been up to the last few months.