Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Using up some PTO...

First day back to work after a few days off. So hard to get into the groove of things after such a great last week/ weekend.

The first few days of last week were uneventful. I only worked three days (Monday thru Wednesday) and those days were spent in anticipation for my sisters visit to Phoenix. I was also coming off of a high from an amazing weekend spent with Dreamy.

The three work days went by so quickly though. Thursday came in no time.

I had no idea what to do with myself on Thursday. I was so busy stressing about my sister coming the next day. I kept adding to the list of things I wanted to do while my sister was in town. I was also stressing about Dreamy meeting my sister. I mean... is it too soon?

So, I spent the day cleaning, organizing, running random errands, and texting Dreamy. I then drove to Phoenix to have lunch at NYPD pizza with Dreamy. I then went home and napped until an hour before Dreamy was to pick me up for dinner. We ended up having a quick and easy dinner at Pei Wei (we obviously love Pei Wei...) and picking up a Redbox movie. We watched Neighbors at my house. It was such an easy and relaxing date night in. Loved it!

Friday was another day of anticipation. BUT I lazed out the whole day. My sister's flight did not come in until 11:00 pm, so I stayed in making sure the house was spotless and everything was ready for her arrival. I stressed about making everything perfect. All while watching Scandal. Yes. I am obsessed with that show. I started watching it a week ago and finished all of the Netflix episodes on Friday. SAD!

The fun began when my sister came in. But I will leave that to another day (like tomorrow...)

Love you all!


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