Saturday, November 15, 2014

Living a dream...

While I am off exploring Arizona with my sister, I thought I would just recap all of the fun I have been having the last two weeks. My life lately seems to be filled with work, Dreamy, football and lots of fun. I feel like I am floating and my life is just running along. It doesn't seem real.

Last week (Nov 3)
* I have been having the "teeth falling out" dream lately. I have always had that dream. It always popped up here and there. waking up after that dream is unnerving and weird. What is that about anyways?

* My monthly friend made her visit last week. It was horrible. I felt light headed and weak for two days. The cramps were horrible. Sometimes I hate being a girl!

* I had not Skyped with my friend Chris in a while. So, you can imagine my surprise when he took time out of his schedule to Skype with me. We had been texting back and forth but have not been able to Skype. So it was such a relief and so great to catch up with my friend.

* I FINALLY finished Californication. If you have never seen that show... then watch it. You can binge watch it on Netflix right now. All seasons are on there.

* We all know how much I love Santan Brewery. That is why that was my first choice when Dreamy asked me where I wanted to have dinner last Tuesday. I was surprised when he told me he had never been. Such a simple night but I had so much fun. That always seems to happen with him.

* Two dinners out with Dreamy in one week? Yup. Last Thursday we went to Portillo's and then to Dave and Buster's. Another simple date. another amazing night

*  My roommate worked his ass off last week. Going in super early. Coming home late AND working from home once he got home. I felt so bad for him. I could see how much he was working. It sucked.


* That is why Friday was a relief. My roommate and I were planning a quiet night in when he took down a few tequila bottles. We decided to take a couple of shots. I then got the bright idea to finish an already opened bottle of wine AND open up another bottle of wine. This lead to an awesome night...

...and a horrible hangover on Saturday.

Last weekend 

Saturday was amazing despite the aforementioned hangover. It took me some time to make myself presentable but by the time Dreamy texted to let me know he was on his way to pick my up, I was good to go.

 During the week, Dreamy had asked me on a date for Saturday night. He stated that he had a surprise. During the same conversation, we decided that we could get together for the ASU game and Florida game before this surprise.

So, Dreamy picked me up. When I opened the door, he stated I would have to put on jeans because it might be cold at whatever we were doing. Confusing...

After I changed, we headed to lunch at Saddle Ranch while we watched the ASU vs Notre Dame game. I wasn't too concerned about the outcome but Dreamy likes ASU so I watched. We had an amazing lunch with beers and mimosas. We weren't able to watch the Gators vs Vanderbilt game but we won guys! It was awesome. So many good things packed in one day.

During lunch, Dreamy told me what the surprise was. My first hockey game! I had no idea what to expect but it was fun. I loved the surprise.

All of the drinking and commotion left me so tired that night. We ended up passing out and were surprised when we woke on Sunday morning. We started our day with donuts from Krispy Kreme and then wasted the day away laying around and watching football.

The weekend ended with a BBQ at a friends house.

Another great week in the life of Lourdes.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend cause I sure am enjoying mine.


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