Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life update: Taken?


That Friday night was perfect.
House to myself. 
Bonding with the kitties. 
Just perfect!

Saturday October 25:

I woke on Saturday anticipating the events of the weekend. I invited Dreamy to go pumpkin picking with me. We didn't really have a time planned to meet up, so I took the time to clean and tidy the house to keep me busy.


We ended up going to Schnepf Farms. I had been there before but never to pick pumpkins to carve. We:

* checked out the petting zoo
* walked through the corn maze
* played mini golf
* picked pumpkins (one for me, one for dreamy, and a tiny, mini pumpkin because it was cute)

Once home, Dreamy prepared dinner and I laid around. (Because I am lazy like that). After dinner we started pumpkin carving. Apparently I am super slow at carving pumpkins because friends of ours came over an hour after I started, carved their pumpkin, lit their pumpkins and got comfy before I even finished my pumpkin.

The rest of the night was just a night of drinking, hanging out and talking.

...and guys... I am officially dating Dreamy. I am lost and don't know how to proceed but when the subject came up that night, all I could think about is how much I liked him. So, what could it hurt... right?

Sunday October 26

Dreamy and I had lunch at House of Brews. (We obviously like that place!) We had so much to drink on Saturday and I was definitely feeling the effects of it. Eating made me feel 10x better.

So, we headed back to the house and watched Catching Fire before we headed out to get frozen yogurt.

Such a lazy Sunday... but the weekend was amazing. Unforgettable.


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