Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life Update: Settling down...

As per the title of this post, my life has been settling down lately.

* I am feeling more at home at the house.
* My roommate is awesome!
* I am dating someone.
* I finally have a work routine.
* I have been able to work overtime for some extra cash!
* I am loving my coworkers. They have become friends and not just people I work with.

Things have been great.

Week of October 27:

* My manager called me to his office to discuss my PTO situation. I was nervous, thinking I did something wrong, but it turns out that I still had 80 hours of unscheduled PTO to use for the rest of the year. Only 40 of it could be carried over. Thus, I had to use 40 hours this year. So, this week was filled with me trying to figure out how to use my unscheduled PTO. I figured it out... but still... I wanted to make sure not to lose it.

* One of my coworkers, Brenda, has become one of my best friends. I could talk to her about anything and I have come to love her immensely. Cheers to new friends.

* Brenda always has Hot Cheetos at her desk. I cannot handle spicy, but seeing the Hot Cheetos made me curious. So I tried one. Oh. My. Gosh. so bad for me but I love them! I now have a new addiction.

* I officially made  a pot roast for dinner at the new place. It made me feel good to make one and share it with my roommate. I absolutely appreciate his kindness with letting me stay here. It's the least I can do. PLUS, I had lunch for 2 days without having to go out and buy something.

* Ever since I started dating Dreamy, mornings have been amazing. I always wake to random texts. The sweetest thing. It always makes my day. Guys... I have not felt this special in a long time.

* Work: We moved desks again this week. This renovation has been crazy. I hate having to pack, unpack, and repack all of my work belongings.

* My "low tire pressure" light in my car came on Monday morning. It freaked me out. I had no idea what the warning symbol was until I checked the owner's manual to my car. I was contemplating bringing my car to the dealership so they could check it... but everyone I talked to said that was ridiculous. My roommate heard me say that and brought out a compressor. He taught me how to check my tire pressure and fill my tires! I learned something new guys!

* My best friend Chris texted me during the week. Scary things were happening at work for him... and I had no idea how to console him. All I could really do was worry about him. Things worked out, but it still hurts me to know that he was going through a hard time.

* Thursday night was spent with Dreamy. We had Pei Wei for dinner (yummy! we all know how much I love Pei Wei). After I changed out of my dress, he took me bowling. There is an area close to my house that has restaurants and other fun places. So, we decided to walk there. So nice!

We bowled three games and had so much fun. It is so easy to hang out with him. No pressure. Such an amazing night.

* That Friday was Halloween. Dreamy went to Vegas and I had a relaxing weekend. More updates tomorrow. I promise



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