Monday, November 3, 2014

Life update: San Diego get away

Going back to work after the Oktoberfest weekend was so hard. It was difficult to wake up since the weekend was so eventful. Mondays are always hard when you have an amazing weekend.

BUT I was surprisingly focused and motivated at work that week. You see, Dreamy and I planned a trip to San Diego and all I had to do was get through the week to finally take off and hit the beach!

So, that's what I did...
 I focused at work.
 I successfully moved desks since they are renovating our building.

It helped that my roommate and I checked out a cool revolving sushi restaurant, Ahi Revolving Sushi, near our house.

I had never been to one and guys... I loved it. I got to try different sushi plates and I even tried to compete with my roommate.

The taller plate stack below was my roommates, but still. I think I ate a decent amount!

The sushi made the week ten times better. Made me less anxious for the week. In my anxiety, I packed a little bit every day until my bags were completely packed on Thursday night. I had a hard time sleeping that night. I was so excited! 

Friday October 17

It's surprising that the week actually passed by quickly. Friday couldn't have come soon enough. I ended up going home after work and hanging out with the kitties while I waited for Dreamy to pick me up. 

We ended up driving to San Diego. The conversations, the laughs, the comfortable silences... they were amazing. Half way to San Diego, we stopped at Sonic and indulged in tater tots and other foods that attracted our attention. 

We got into town really late and after a glass of wine and a few beers we passed out.

Saturday October 18

 Waking the next day was hard. BUT the thought of finally sinking my feet into sand and smelling the ocean air lured my eyes open.  

It felt good to be in  a bathing suit. To sink my feet in the sand. I was such a chicken when it came to going into the water. The west coast waters are so cold... It shocked me.

I basically lazed out and laid out on the beach. Again, Dreamy and I had some great conversations. We people watched. we got to know each other a little better. Learned things about each other.

For lunch, we walked and got some pizza, wine, and beers. After time on the beach, We went and saw the seals.

We then walked and found a spot to watch the waves and the sun go down. It was amazing. 

We dressed up for dinner and went out for sushi and drinks. It was such an amazing night.

Sunday October 19

Another day where it was hard to wake up. The bed was super comfy and I needed sleep. We didn't have any plans... we just went with whatever we stumbled upon as we drove. When I saw the face Dreamy made upon seeing a Navy boat, I could not say no to touring the boat. A quick tour and a long walk along the water ended in a yummy lunch.

We then found a spot to lay out and relax. It was nice and remote... and special (I can't speak to his thoughts... but I sure as hell thought it was special). Upon leaving the park, Dreamy picked my a few flowers. Little did he know that they were Gardenias. some of my favorite flowers (national flower of the Philippines).

I know this post is long. So I will end it soon.

I said it in yesterday's post and I will say it again... As I spend more time with Dreamy, I start to like him more and more.



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