Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life update: New relationships...

The past month has been amazing for me. Life has been full of drastic changes and I feel like I have been leaving you out of everything. I will try to update you on the happenings from the last couple of weeks.

My last (update) post left you guys with a wine night, roomie bonding, Gator updates, and a date with a new friend.  

The week of October 6th was basically filled with the same things.

Roommate bonding:

I have said it before, I am liking my roommate more and more. (That rhymed... ). One night, we started talking about nearby restaurants and discovered that there were a few places that we have never tried that are less than 5 minutes away from the house. So, we made a deal to try all of these places. A few days later, I received a text from my roommate asking whether I wanted to have Thai food for dinner. Who could pass Thai food up? Not me. So, we tried Mr. Thai Bistro. YUMMY!

* My monthly friend came to visit

... or should I say biweekly friend. I was finally becoming regular and then I think the move to the new place may have change my schedule. At least this one wasn't painful!

*  Drinking, Getting to know new friends, and dating.... ????... :

Some time during the week, my "friend(briefly mentioned here and here), asked me to hang out with him. Let's call him Dreamy from now on. We ended up going to  Dave and Busters and having an amazing night. I had not laughed and smiled so much in so long and that night was much needed.      

That night was followed up by an eventful weekend...

Oktoberfest was at Tempe Town lake that weekend.... and I ended up going twice... with Dreamy. He texted me that Friday and asked if I wanted to go to Oktoberfest with him and one of his friends. How could I pass that up?

I had so much fun and that night showed me how much I liked this guy. Scared the shit out of me, to be honest. All because it was (is) too soon for me to start liking someone.

When I got home the next day/ after I took a nap for a few hours ( yes... I stayed out all night), I was pleasantly surprised when I had a text from Dreamy asking me if I wanted to have lunch. Wasn;t he sick of me yet?

So he picked me up and we went to House of Brews for lunch and watched a few football games while eating. We finished eating about an hour before the gator game against LSU started, so we decided to walk around Tempe. We ended up back at Oktoberfest. We people watched, talked and got to know each other.

We then tried to find a bar to watch the second half of the gator game. This was hard to do,l but we ended up at Hooters (of all places) and watched the game. We lost...

...but my night wasn't ruined. We ended up going to a friends house (my wine night companion) and having a chill night.

*  Such a great way to end a week that was lacking in sleep.


PS... Is it too soon to start liking a new person? This has been freaking me out. I have been so confused. 

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