Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life Update: Flowers...


After the San Diego trip, waking up Monday (Oct 20) morning was horrible. It always seems to be that way when you have such a great weekend.

It was so hard to focus at work. I was in a haze. Constantly daydreaming. It was a sweater/ no makeup kind of day/ week at work. We moved desks again because of then renovation and that went off without a hitch. I eventually got into the work groove and the week went by smoothly.

Homecoming Game: 

The Gator loss to Missouri at our Homecoming game during the weekend finally hit me on Monday. It was terrible and I am glad I didn't insist to go to a bar to watch while in San Diego. Depressing...


During the week, I met up with Colon to help him procure items to complete his various Halloween costumes. He came up with awesome ideas and I was more than happy to help him. I am so glad that we are doing well and that we can be friends. he is still my best friend and I can tell he is 10x happier now. This, in turn, makes me so happy.

Mid-week date with Dreamy

I feel like this is becoming a must throughout the week. It made me smile when he asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him. I got to pick the place this time so I picked The Cornish Pasty. I have been there before but Dreamy hadn't, so I was excited for him to try it.

The food was yummy. The company was amazing. AGAIN, this was another instance for me to realize that I like Dreamy a-lot. More than I should.

Dreamy walked me to my car at the end and surprised me with flowers. such a sweet boy.


We all know that I am not a flower person. I appreciate them with all my heart. But flowers are never necessary with me. Dreamy won brownie points.

Roommate bonding:

My roommate texted me one day asking if I was down to eat Korean for dinner. We all know how much I love food and I will never turn down trying something new. So, we went to Chodang. Oh my gosh. the food was so tasty and yummy. I don't even know how to describe it. But I loved it.

Friday October 24:

My roommate took a flight out to visit his girlfriend (also one of my friends) in Washington. So, after work, I stopped by Colon's to pick up my wine glasses and some more of my stuff that was left at the house. I am glad I stopped by because I got to see the Halloween costumes that he put together.

I then stopped to pick up a few bottles of wine and get a car wash (finally) before I headed home.

Once I got home, I was so excited. I had a comfy, lazy, wine night planned. I took a shower and got dressed in my PJ's. Since my roommate wasn't home, I got my pillows and blankets and set up a nest on the couch.

I was all settled and ready to open my wine bottle. That's when I discovered that we did not have a corkscrew in the house. WTF. How does that happen?

This was an emergency, so I threw on my robe and made my way to Walgreens. Yes. I was that crazy person that walks around Walgreens in a robe! It was an emergency.... remember?

So my night ended with wine, Californication, and my two pillows on a comfy couch!

Perfect Friday night!


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