Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christina visits PHX 2014


Christina, my sister (one out of many) flew into town late last Friday. What was the first thing we did?

Stop at In n Out, of course.

After In N Out we headed home to relax. She had had a long day of work and travel and was exhausted after her flights from NYC.


In the morning we picked up essentials at Target and headed to House of Brews to watch the Gators play South Carolina with a couple of friends. It was such a good game and came down to overtime points to decide the game. south Carolina won. Broke my heart.

I calmed down about the loss during the drive to our various destinations. When I asked my sister wanted to do she stated that she wanted to:

and do whatever I do.

So that is what we did. We shopped at Scottsdale Fashion square and various outlets. We did not buy much since we did not have anything in mind that we needed.

We then rested until we had to get ready for dinner with Dreamy. We met him at Four Peaks and were surprised at how packed the brewery was.  We had a great time talking and watching football games (UM almost beating FSU and the ASU game). She ended up giving me the approval. She liked Dreamy. SCORE!


A hiking day. We bought snacks and promptly headed to South Mountain to enjoy the cooler weather. We ended up doing many of the same trails that I did during this hike of South Mountain but we ended up going further and exploring a bit more. We hiked for 4 hours and had so much fun talking and gossiping.

We were so tired after the hike, that we decided to order pizza and have a night in. My favorite kind of night.


Another hiking day but this one needed a tiny road trip. We headed to Sedona to explore the town and enjoy nature. the weather was perfect. A little bit chilly but I would rather that than be miserable hiking in the heat.

When we got to Sedona, we ate lunch and walked around the town. We then searched for a hiking trail and chose Cathedral Trailhead.


See the video here

It was amazing. I feel as if my sister and I bonded. It was much needed since we have not seen each other in such a long time.


Such a sad day.
Christina left.
Instead of just sitting around and moping, I decided to get errands done while I moped. I took my car in for maintenance. I visited my old coworkers and allowed myself to socialize and catch up with them. I then went home and did what I do best. I cleaned and organized. It was great!

This trip was just amazing!
see the video here
...and with that I will leave you with one last picture:



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