Saturday, September 13, 2014



Apparently, the last 11- 12 days have consisted of wine, quotes, rain, and football.

*After the 3 day weekend, the work week D-R-A-G-G-E-D on. It was brutal. But I clung to me old Beatles loving ways and made sure to listen to some awesome music on our trusty old vinyl player... and in my car on the way to work. My love for the Beatles will never fade!

*Nothing too crazy happened during that brutally long week. Only an interesting conversation with my coworkers that put me on edge and made me very unsure of this whole "being single" thing. I am unprepared/ unready to talk about at right now... but I promise I will mention it soon.

*Wine drinking has been a constant these past few days. We all know how much I love wine... and it has made me feel so "classy" to come home and have a glass after a long work day.

*Florida football is in full swing. Remember how upset I was about the first Florida game of the season being cancelled because of rain and lightning? Well... Saturday made it a lot better. Victor and I went out to watch the Gators beat EMU. It was so great seeing them play. They have a ways to go but it was an awesome start to the season! (Did you see the score? Go... I'll wait here while you look at the bottom right square of the picture above...)

*Monday was awesome. You see, in the middle of the night, Colon and I woke up to the sound of pouring rain outside. The power kept going off in the middle of the night and the thunder was.... amazing!We woke in the morning to news of flash flooding throughout Phoenix. CRAZY! I almost didn't go into work. But... I am a Florida girl and am not afraid of rain. SO I dug out my umbrellas (you know... the ones that have not seen the light of day since we moved from Florida) and made my way to work. the flooding was crazy! But I loved it! I miss rainy days!

* Quotes... whenever I go through something big... I spend my time looking at quotes!

So yeah... my week was pretty boring but I am excited because it's OVER :)


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