Tuesday, September 16, 2014


* Worrying about my best friend Chris. He has been under a lot of stress with work, job hunting and moving lately. Things have come together for him and he has found a job back in Tallahassee. I am so happy for him although I know moving back to Florida was not at the top of his list. I just want to make sure he is happy.

* Relieved to have finally talked to my dad last night. It was cut short but he always has a way of making me feel better. Thank you Charisma for reminding me that checking in with loved ones will help to make my life better at the moment! It was much needed!

* Dreading the next few days. My monthly friend is definitely coming in the next few days and I am already feeling the effects of it. Hopefully this one will be short...

* Excited for this rain that AZ is supposed to be expecting the rest of the week. It's the "Florida" in me! I have my umbrellas ready and am anticipating the sound of rain hitting the roof and the ground outside. The only downside: the combination of flash flooding with driving to work!

* Missing Gainesville. Football season and just the college town feel. I miss it a lot. This article doesn't help at all!

* Contemplating sex. Sounds funny. I know. But seriously, I never realized how many different views there were about sex until I had a conversation with friends a week or two ago. I have always been of the mindset where sex was something you do with someone you love and with someone you are in a committed relationship with. I know that there are people who do not agree but it never previously affected me since I was in a long term relationship.

When I had that conversation with my friends, it became obvious that having a "friends with benefits" (cringe) relationship is normal. I was so shocked and felt so stupid. I knew that things like that exist (I'm not stupid) but it never phased me before. Now that I am single, is that what I have to compete with? I mean... there's nothing wrong with people who think that is OK, but I personally can never see myself doing something like that. Am I weird? Is that as common as my friends were making it seem? because if it is... it makes being single daunting and scary.

* With that freak out moment over... I am still contemplating sex. I came across this article and actually enjoyed reading it! Go ahead... read it! I'll even link it again! Tell me what you think!

It's getting late and I am sure you are sick of my random thoughts. I'll let you guys go!

Love you!


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