Monday, September 22, 2014

It hurts to move...

Gator pride... even if we did lose on Saturday!

A new week has started and I am shocked how short the work day felt. Today was a blur. I was in the zone and got so much work done today. A great way to start the week. So much better than the last work week.

This weekend was uneventful. I had a nice night in on Friday and actually fell asleep super early. The week stress caught up to me and I could not keep myself awake. I know... I'm an old lady!

 Then, on Saturday I got my eyebrows threaded (It was much needed!...believe me) before the Gator game. Guys... the ending to the Gator game was disappointing. I went with a couple of friends to Sandbar to watch the UF vs Alabama game. I was not expecting to win. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting anything great. BUT the Gators were actually keeping up in the first half. I was so happy. 

...then the second half started. At least we weren't shut out!

The rest of the weekend was spent packing my belongings, laying out, working out  and eating tons of food. 

* The non-stop eating is due to a very special friend fulfilling her monthly visit into my life. BOOOOO! The good thing is that I had some yummy Cuban food!

* I made it a priority to lay out on Sunday because I have the most horrible butt tan and I needed to correct that ASAP. It was relaxing and peaceful!

* Packing... yup. I knew the time would come when I had to start packing. I kept trying to put it off because I knew how much stuff I actually have. Welp... This weekend I got a lot done. I still have SO MUCH to pack but at least I started. Man... just thinking about packing all of my stuff stresses me out. 

* Yes. You read the "working out" correctly. I actually accompanied Colon to the gym and he kicked my butt. It's sad because I really did not do much... but I am so sore today. Like... really sore. I can hardly move. 

And now... I am going to pass out. I am exhausted and don't think I can move. 

Night y'all!


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