Thursday, September 18, 2014

"I'm afraid I just blue myself"

Thought that would brighten your day! It's cool, right?

I am so relieved that tomorrow is Friday. This week dragged by and  I am excited for a relaxed weekend. I don't really have a lot planned and am looking forward to catching up on "me" time.

So exciting.

This week at work has been stressful. I feel like I was not my best this week. I wasn't in the zone. I had a hard time focusing and I am sure that it affected my work quality. It sucks and makes me so anxious.

Maybe this weekend (read: days off of work) will help.

Although this week has been rough... There were some some things that made me smile and laugh this week!

* I was able to have lunch at Chipotle with Victor. It really cheered me up and put some pep in my step after a long first half of the day. I always have fun with him and he really is such a great friend.

* I really am liking the new doctor in Doctor Who but I miss David Tennant. I came across an old Buzzfeed post centered around David Tennant and his quirkiness. I could not stop laughing!

* I never ended up watching the "new"(est) season of Arrested Development that was released. I realized this yesterday and decided I would start by re-watching the previous seasons and making my way to the newest one. I am now on episode 12 of season one and am laughing and chuckling the whole way through the show! I decided I should start to make a list of quotes from the show... I'll start with this list and watch it grow.

* I am freaking out about the Florida vs Alabama game this Saturday. After the way that we played last weekend against Kentucky... I am nervous. BUT that doesn't take away the excitement. Another day of Gator football! It helped when I stumbled upon this ?hopeful? article!

* My Instagram posting presence has been scarce lately... but I posted something today and this happened...

This conversation stemmed from my revelation to my friends that a turtle will eat a smaller turtle if placed in the same tank.

Anyways... I'm going to go to sleep! Love you all!


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