Wednesday, August 27, 2014


What's this... twice in one week?

I am in such a great mood which usually means I am in the mood to talk to you guys via this blog. Today I really do not ahve anything substantial to say. Just thought I would share some things that have been making me laugh lately. Of course, you should not be surprised that most all of the things I share have been sent to me by Colon. He still sends me the funniest links and daily messages. I hope that never changes!

*I feel as if this would be something I would do to my kids if they cry for no reason...


* I'll admit. I laughed at this. I tell jokes like this all the time... even when I am not drunk.
I know!

"Two Chips" / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.

* This is so sad yet so funny!


* I love Disney... and I laughed so hard at this video...

Random post? I know :)

Night y'all!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's been happening...

Me. Wearing a Mario themed visor that I got from a happy meal

I know I have been avoiding you guys lately. I promise it's not your fault. While I have been gone, big things have been happening. YET I haven't been up to anything in particular. Does that even make sense?

What's been happening?

* I'm single! If you missed it, click here to catch up. As I said in my last post, Colon and I are friends and have been better than ever. See... we even shared a bottle of wine while waiting for the new Doctor Who episode!


* I finished training at my not-so-new job a few weeks ago. We have been let loose and have been experiencing the job without having our hands held. I was so nervous at first but have finally found my routine. I am happy to say that I am finally comfortable and am not as unsure of myself. Now I just need to kick butt!

* The last few weeks have been filled with bouts of rain and it has been amazing. EVERYONE knows how much I love rainy days/nights and it was so great to look out the windows at work and see the rain spattering against the window. Mmmmmhhmmmm the smell of rain!


* I have been loving the bond that my coworkers and I have been forming lately. I finally feel as if I am making friends. If you have been following for long, you know that I am a loner and am an introvert. I love socializing with people but it takes a lot of energy for me to do it. My coworkers have given me the perfect dose of social activity and have not pushed my limits! (that makes me sound crazy... I know... but that's just how I am!)

* The new episode of Doctor Who came out on the 23rd and it was awesome!

My face as I was waiting for the new episode!
So excited!

The new doctor reminds of the old school doctor's and I am so glad they reverted back to that! Don't get me wrong, David Tennant will always be my favorite doctor, but the string of "boyfriend" doctor's strayed away from the true essence of Doctor Who. So... yeah. I am excited to see how this Doctor plays out!


* My sister booked her trip to visit me in November! I am sooooo excited! I cannot wait to see my little sister! I love her.


* Norton is still making an appearance on my Instagram page. How could he not? Some people have fur babies... and I have a turtle!


* My old coworkers from my last position, sent me a poster via interoffice mail. It was such a great feeling to open the envelope and see this poster. I cried! I miss them so much!


*I was on a reading craze and then when shit hit the fan in my relationship, I just stopped reading. BUT I did add a chunk of books to my reading list. Some were REALLY bad. Some were page turners.

Book update
My Lady Compelled- Shirl Anders
White Lion's Lady- Laura Adrian
Her Wicked Ways- Darcy Burke
The Bride and the Brute- Laurel O'Donnell
Broken- A.E. Murphy
Connected- A.E. Murphy
Lady Danger- Glynnis Campbell
To Tempt an Angel- Patricia Grasso
My Highland Love- Tarah Scott
Heart of the Hunter- Laura Adrian
Lords of Honor- K.R.Richards
Secret Nights- Anita Mills
Voices Beckon Part 1- Linda Lee Graham
The Captain of Her Heart- Anita Stansfield
Touch the Sun- Cynthia Wright
Capturing the Earl's Love- Jane Lark
A Lady of passion- Alicia Quigley
Lady Star- Claudy Conn
The Fairy Tale Bride- Kelly McClymer
Taffeta and Hotspur- Claudy Conn
The Lady and the Cowboy- Catherine Winchester
Her Husband's Harlot- Grace Callaway
Lost in Temptation- Lauren Royal
Noble Satyr- Lucinda Brant
Payton's Woman- Marilyn Yarbrough

I will end this really long post here. I hope all is well!


36 in 2014
1. The Scarlet Contessa- Jeanne Kalogridis
2. The Turning of Anne Merrick- Christine Blevins
3. Ambersley- Amy Atwell
4. The Earl's Inconvenient Wife- Ruth Ann Nordin
5. The Scoundrel's Secret Siren- Daphne Du Bois
6. Nothing to Commend Her - Jo Barrett
7. Caroline- Cynthia Wright
8. Outlaw Bride- Tanya Hanson
9. Mood Indigo- Parris Afton Bonds
10. Calico- Raine Cantrell
11. The Stargazer- Michele Jaffe
12. Myriah- Claudy Conn
13. Amethyst- Lauren Royal
14. Paper Roses- Amanda Cabot
15- A Lady of Deception- Catherine Knightly
16. Madeleine- Caroline St. Vincent
17. Silver Storm- Cynthia Wright
18. Life Before Man- Margaret Atwood
19. No Greater Love- Katherine Kingsley 
20. Intentions of the Earl- Rose Gordon
21. To Catch a Spinster- Megan Bryce
22. The Officer and the Bostoner- Rose Gordon 
23. No Place for a Lady- Jade Lee
24. Tennessee Waltz
25. The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux
26. The Rancher takes a Bride- Sylvia McDaniel
27. Our Little Secrets- Merry Farmer
28. Her Heart's Desire- Ruth Ann Nordin
29. Sea Scoundrel- Annette Blair
30. Wronged- Sylvia McDaniel
31. A Bride for Tom- Ruth Ann Nordin
32. Kissing in the Dark- Wendy Lindstrom
33. No Brighter Dream- Katherine Kingsley
34. The MacKinnon's Bride- Tanya Anne Crosby
35. Twice a Rake- Catherine Gayle
36. In the Garden of Temptation- Cynthia Wicklund
37. More Than Passion- JoMarie DeGioia
38. Unbidden- Jill Hughey
39. Fireblossom- Cynthia Wright
40. The Bride Wore Blue- Cheryl Bolen
41. Seductive Secrets- Lynne Connolly
42. Oh Cherry Ripe- Claudy Conn
43. The Seduction of Lady Phoebe- Ella Quin
44. The Escort- Gina Robinson
45. Her Mad Baron- Kate Rothwell
46. Summons to the Chateau D'Arc
47. Midnight Marriage- Lucinda Brant
48. Secrets of Midnight- Miriam Minger
49. Shades of Honor- Wendy Lindstrom
50. the Inconvenient Duchess- Christine Merrill
51. The Girl on the Mountain- Carol Ervin
52. The Bride Price- Tracey Jane Jackson
53. His Prairie Princess- Kit Morgan
54. The Baron's Lady- Charlotte Hawkins
55. Across a Moonlit Sea- Marsha Canham 
56. All's Fair in Love- Beverley Kendall
57. The Wild One- Danelle Harmon
58. Drawn- Lilliana Anderson
59. Curse of the Kingsmans- Ethan Somerville and Emma Daniels
60. The Countess' Lucky Charm- A.M. Westerling
61. The Defiant Lady Pencavel- Diane Scott Lewis
62. My Lady Compelled- Shirl Anders
63. White Lion's Lady- Laura Adrian
64. Her Wicked Ways- Darcy Burke
65. The Bride and the Brute- Laurel O'Donnell
66. Broken- A.E. Murphy
67. Connected- A.E.Murphy
68. Lady Danger- Glynnis Campbell
69. To Tempt an Angel- Patricia Grasso
70. My Highlad Love- Tarah Scott
71. Heart of the Hunter- Laura Adrian
72. Lords of Honor- K.R. Richards
73. Secret Nights- Anita Mills
74. The Captain of Her Heart- Anita Stansfield
75. Touch the Sun- Cynthia Wright
76. Capturing the Earl's Love- Jane Lark
77. A Lady of Passion- Alicia Quigley
78. Lady Star- Claudy Conn
79. The Fairy Tale Bride- Kelly McClymer
80. Taffeta and Hotspur- Claudy Conn
81. The Lady and the Cowboy- Catherine Winchester
82. Her Husband's Harlot- Grace Callaway
83. Lost in Temptation- Lauren Royal
84. Noble Satyr- Lucinda Brant
85. Payton's Woman- Marilyn Yarbrough

Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's been too long.
A month and 3 days, to be exact.

I lost the urge and motivation to blog. It seems that ALWAYS happens when something is going wrong in my life. Or I am stewing over certain things.

The last time I became distant from this blog (and my friends and family) it was due to issues with Colon. You can read about it here. Everything seemed to be getting better, but I knew in my heart it wasn't. It was all a mask. And guys... as of Thursday, I am single. I AM SINGLE.

After 7 years of dating the same person... I am no longer in a relationship and I feel...


Sounds horrible, right? I know it does but I am happy. For me AND for Colon.

Guys... we made each other miserable and I am sure we both felt trapped in this relationship. I can't pinpoint when I started doubting this relationship but it has been awhile. Nights of laying next to him and thinking, "why am I here?" and "I am such a horrible person". I knew he was feeling the same way but was too unsure of my feelings and too afraid of ending something that was so familiar. Because let's be honest, it's hard to leave the familiar for the unknown.

I won't go into detail. All I will say is that everything ended well. We are friends and I hope we continue to be friends.

Now to enjoy being single... 

How do I do this? It's been about 7 years since I have been single. 


Oh and...Say bye bye to the old blog header...