Saturday, July 19, 2014

Splish splosh!

I know I know. I have been gone FOREVER. My way of asking for forgiveness is give you a sneak peak into the latest show I have been re-watching.

^^^That up there... It's my favorite scene! It always makes me want to dance.

Anyways... It's ALREADY mid June. Where has time gone?

* Training for work is over in two weeks. I am loving my job so far and feel like I have gained a new family. Remember when I was freaking out about that? It's cool because we have started Friday lunches and happy hours for the training group.

* I have made friends with two people in particular. One of them ended up getting a job somewhere else. But the three of us have been hanging out lately. I love it!

* Colon took me to the gun range for the first time. GUYS... I almost chickened out. I have always wanted to do this, but while in the range I was so nervous. It finally hit me that I was going to hold and fire a deadly weapon. Took me a while for me to calm down and just try. IT. WAS. AWESOME!


*I have been reading up a storm lately and I am so addicted. I promise there will be an update on my goal soon!

* Dust storms have been plaguing AZ life lately. The nice thing is that there was a rain/thunderstorm last weekend. It was amazing waking up to the sound of the rain on the roof. Oh, how I have missed that sound!

* I have been on my bring-my-lunch-to-work game lately! I have been bringing my dinner leftovers and saving tons of money on food. Also, since my office is literally 5 minutes away I have not had to fill up my gas tank in a month! So, this new job has been saving me money! OH YEAH!

* I have not neglected my makeup obsession these
past two weeks. I actually gave in to my obsession when I saw ELF Cosmetics was having a huge sale on their website. Yup... You KNOW I stocked up!

Welp... I hope you enjoy your weekend! It was great checking in with you all!



PS... Make sure you watch the video!

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  1. I don't wear make up very often but I really do love e.l.f.!

    Dust storms?! That sounds crazy!

    I'm so happy that your new job is so close!


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