Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh, that magic feeling

Another week has started! It's crazy how fast time is flying by.

After the weekend I had, it was soooo hard to get up for work. Whereas last weekend was a lazy weekend (I literally stayed in ALL WEEKEND), this weekend was BUSY! Colon's friend ended up coming into town on Friday night and we had to keep him entertained.

Friday night was a girls night/ boys night kind of night. Colon and his friends went out and partied while I caught up with some of my girlfriends that I have not seen in a while.

The rest of the weekend was spent entertaining his friend. We ...

* ate out entirely too much (Four Peaks, SanTan Brewery, Hungry Monk)
* drank too much
* spent too much money
* shot a few rounds
* shot my first rifle
* bowled (horribly and hurt my back...)
* played pool
* and had a blast...

This weekend was non-stop fun and I am so sad to say it's over.

So... I am sitting here listening to The Beatles and falling in love with this song over again!



OH and check out last Sunday's PostSecret! (1 2)

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