Sunday, June 29, 2014

First week...

I promise that I am not doing this whole "post once a week" thing on purpose. There were many times throughout the week that I wrote "Create a blog post" in my planner but when I sat down to type... nothing came to mind. It just didn't seem right. I wasn't in the zone.

It was an eventful week, though.

This past week was my first week in my new position. New building. New job description. Everything was new. The unknown. I was so nervous the week before I actually started.

I woke up so early Monday morning. It was great because I prepared everything the night before. Yup. You read that right. My clothes were laid out. I even laid out my makeup by product in the order that I use the product. Crazy? I know... I used to do this all the time and I did it every day this past week!

After a full week in training, I have to say that I think I am going to like it. The people are so nice and there is a sense of family/ camaraderie/ teamwork within the environment. Everyone keeps saying that they can answer any questions or offer assistance if it is needed. It has taken the nerves, stress and pressure off of me.

Things I am loving about work:

* The low-key dress code. Jeans and t-shirts are a staple. I am not going to bum it all of the time but it is nice to know that I do not have to dress up on those days that I am just not feeling it.

* My manager has been accommodating and really is interested in my progress and welfare.

* I am starting to pick up on policies and procedures. I am learning quickly!

*Three days out of the week, I received interoffice/company mail from my coworkers at my last office. It was so nice to walk to my desk and see the envelopes for the different pieces of mail.

This was in one of my packages. A cookie! My old coworker made it for me!

* The cooking motivation that this job has given me. I have tried new recipes and put my crock pot and pots and pans to good use. Yup. I used my crock pot and cooked chicken in it. I also tried to make my favorite Cuban stew, Rabo Encendido. It actually came out pretty good.

Doesn't the chicken look YUMMY!

* The increase in cooking, has increased the number of times I bring my lunch to work. You see, if I bring my lunch then I do not have to worry about spending money on lunch. It's awesome. The leftovers were good last week.

In other news...

Colon got braces this week! He looks so cute and it is amazing how quickly those suckers start to work. I can already see slight shifts in his teeth in just a few days! He isn't enjoying them so much, though. He keeps complaining because they prevent him from enjoying his food. He thinks he eats sloppy and slow with them. Food always gets stuck in the bars and he is hating it!

So yeah... I am slowly settling into this new life and am loving it so far. Hopefully it stays that way!


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