Sunday, June 1, 2014


We are now officially in the sixth month of the year. Almost half way through 2014. Time is flying people and my mind is having trouble comprehending that we are already in summer.

I guess it is hard to forget since the temps in Arizona have been scorching hot. It actually hit 110+ the last couple of days. Ridiculous.

My water consumption has been through the roof and I try to avoid extended stays outdoors since I do not want to become dehydrated.

So yeah... the weekend has been filled with indoor activities. After my update yesterday, Colon came into my room and stated that I should get ready because we were going out to eat. He let me know that it was a place that would have large portions. I was excited because I love trying new restaurants.

Where did we go?

The Cornish Pasty. (Make sure you don't pronounce it like "Paste-ee" ---it's pronounced "Past-y")

This place was amazing. The atmosphere was very super cute. It kind of reminded me of an old English food lodge with a hipstery feel. All of the tables and benches had wine/ liquor bottles with lit tapered candles. I loved the candles because I actually use our empty wine bottles the same way.

Colon and I chose a small table in the less crowded side of the restaurant. Our table was right next to a window and on the other side of the window the cutest kids were eating dinner. While we were eating, the youngest girl kept trying to get Colon's attention. It made my heart expand when I saw him interacting with that cute little girl. He really is great with kids.

When we first sat down, we both jumped to the drink menu.


I ordered the Strongbow Cider to start dinner off. So yummy!


I then chose the Chicken Greek pasty. I was in heaven. My first ever pasty and it was delicious.

The night was magical. Dinner with Colon with great food and such a cute atmosphere.

It's sad that I keep thinking about tomorrow. A new manager starts and hopefully things will get better at work. NERVOUS!


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