Monday, June 30, 2014

Dreaming of this past weekend

So... it is so hard to go to work when I had such a great weekend. Colon and I didn't  really do much, but we had fun.


The day started off with soccer. Yup! We have been keeping tabs on all of the World Cup Games. All of the games this weekend had my nerves all crazy. 

The first game of the day was spent with Colon. It was Brazil vs Portugal and... man... it was CRAZY!

I then went to lunch with a friend. I had not seen him in months so it was nice catching up. We were, at first, planning to go to a sushi restaurant but I was too hungry. I was looking forward to BIG portions. SO, he suggested that we go to a Peruvian restaurant. 

Oh My Gosh. The food at TUMI was amazing. When I first saw the menu, there were things that seemed familiar but I wanted to try something new. SO, since he is Peruvian and had been to this restaurant before I gave him all the choices. He didn't disappoint. 



By the way, lunch did not take us away from soccer. We ended up watching the Colombia vs Uruguay game. 

After lunch, I spent the time catching up on my blog reading, the new episodes of Sailor Moon that were posted on Hulu AND I did some online make-up shopping! yeah! I am excited to get my package. 

The day ended with a night on the town with Colon and some of his friends. I was excited because I got to dress up since I have not done that in a while. 


Red lips and red shoes! Oh yeah! 


It was a fun night. I got to dance with my love! 


Another day started with soccer. The games (The Netherlands vs Mexico and Costa Rica vs Greece) were intense! 

Such a lazy day! The only time I left the house was to get lunch AND to go to Target and Ross. Last week, I realized that I could bring water bottles/ mugs to work so that I could constantly drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day. I also am determined to bring my lunch to work so I decided to look for both the lunchbox and water bottles at the same time. I used work snacks as an excuse to go to Target! 

And... that was my weekend. I hope your weekend was just as relaxing as mine! :)

have a great week y'all!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

First week...

I promise that I am not doing this whole "post once a week" thing on purpose. There were many times throughout the week that I wrote "Create a blog post" in my planner but when I sat down to type... nothing came to mind. It just didn't seem right. I wasn't in the zone.

It was an eventful week, though.

This past week was my first week in my new position. New building. New job description. Everything was new. The unknown. I was so nervous the week before I actually started.

I woke up so early Monday morning. It was great because I prepared everything the night before. Yup. You read that right. My clothes were laid out. I even laid out my makeup by product in the order that I use the product. Crazy? I know... I used to do this all the time and I did it every day this past week!

After a full week in training, I have to say that I think I am going to like it. The people are so nice and there is a sense of family/ camaraderie/ teamwork within the environment. Everyone keeps saying that they can answer any questions or offer assistance if it is needed. It has taken the nerves, stress and pressure off of me.

Things I am loving about work:

* The low-key dress code. Jeans and t-shirts are a staple. I am not going to bum it all of the time but it is nice to know that I do not have to dress up on those days that I am just not feeling it.

* My manager has been accommodating and really is interested in my progress and welfare.

* I am starting to pick up on policies and procedures. I am learning quickly!

*Three days out of the week, I received interoffice/company mail from my coworkers at my last office. It was so nice to walk to my desk and see the envelopes for the different pieces of mail.

This was in one of my packages. A cookie! My old coworker made it for me!

* The cooking motivation that this job has given me. I have tried new recipes and put my crock pot and pots and pans to good use. Yup. I used my crock pot and cooked chicken in it. I also tried to make my favorite Cuban stew, Rabo Encendido. It actually came out pretty good.

Doesn't the chicken look YUMMY!

* The increase in cooking, has increased the number of times I bring my lunch to work. You see, if I bring my lunch then I do not have to worry about spending money on lunch. It's awesome. The leftovers were good last week.

In other news...

Colon got braces this week! He looks so cute and it is amazing how quickly those suckers start to work. I can already see slight shifts in his teeth in just a few days! He isn't enjoying them so much, though. He keeps complaining because they prevent him from enjoying his food. He thinks he eats sloppy and slow with them. Food always gets stuck in the bars and he is hating it!

So yeah... I am slowly settling into this new life and am loving it so far. Hopefully it stays that way!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

A little bit of nerves

It's a Saturday night in for me tonight! Colon went out with some friends and I opted to stay in and get myself organized. I have been on a roll all day. I have cleaned, mopped, and vacuumed the whole house. Errands have been run... Now I get to spend tonight vegging out!

The thing is... I am freaking out. I keep finding things to do so that I do not think about Monday. Guys, I start my new position on Monday and I have the pre-first-day-of-my-new-job jitters.

What if I fail?

What if I suck?

What if it isn't what I expected?

I don't even know what I expect! I have to keep reminding myself to have confidence!



Since my last post, work has consumed my life. As always, my office has been short staffed and quite hectic. you do not know how many times I woke up to my alarm and contemplated calling in sick. I didn't do it... but I was tempted.

You know who WAS sick... Colon! I was so worried about him because he had a fever for a few days and even after the fever broke he was having symptoms of the flu. It breaks my heart when he gets sick because he becomes such a baby. You will not believe how many times I left the house for meds, Gatorade, water, soup, and any other thing that a sick person craves.

This past week was spent tying up things with my coworkers and clients. It was so sweet because one of my clients actually got me a bouquet of flowers because she was sad that I was leaving.


This broke my heart and almost made me rethink my decision to move. Notice the italicized "almost". This post will clue you in on how necessary this move is for me!

I also found out that my not-so-baby sister got into nursing school! I am so proud of her and am so excited to see her start in this new adventure/ path in her life! I knew she would get in and rolled my eyes when she previously told me how worried she was about getting in. It'd funny how things like that work! Another instance when confidence is necessary!


Last Saturday was an amazing day. Colon was still sick but was on the road to recovery. Since he was still feeling bad AND the World Cup games are in progress, I decided to have a day out to myself. I treated myself to some Pei Wei.


Come on, doesn't that Kung Pao Chicken on brown rice look yummy? It definitely was and I am so hooked on this meal. I crave it all the time. After lunch I wandered around the strip mall and came across Ulta and Bath & Body Works. It has been a while since I have gone shopping, let alone been into these two stores. So, I used my new job as an excuse to pamper myself and it felt great! No guilt here!

On my way home from my excursion, I found eggs frying on the sewer plate in my neighborhood. I am going to assume that they were having fun and taking advantage of the heat that has been plaguing Arizona this summer. I do not blame them at all.

Last weekend ended with the last episode of the Game of Thrones season. So. Good. I cannot wait until next season and I am dreading the wait! Does anyone else watch that show also? Is anyone else as obsessed as I am?

While watching GoT last Sunday, I never thought that I would feel this nervous (and slightly sad). yesterday was my last day of work and saying bye to my COWORKERS was hard. After my last shift, the whole staff went to Gordon Biersch and had a few drinks. We reminisced and got to know each other better. they all gave me a card and I almost cried while reading it.


A few of us ended up going to Four Peaks for a few more drinks. Of course, I ended up having the yummy Peach ale!

The few drinks that I had last night ended up affecting me this morning. I was feeling so bad (hence my refusal to go out with Colon tonight). 

I cannot believe that I got so much done today. My house is clean and I was able to get ingredients for my favorite recipes. I am going to try to make some of my favorite dishes: Rabo encendido and crawfish etouffee. 


...and to end the night on a good note... Colon and I had Cuban food for dinner. 


Night y'all! 



Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Look what I got guys...


yes... they are stamps!

I really do not have much to say today. I just wanted to share some fun things that I have stumbled across the past few days... 

One of my favorite bloggers is having another baby! YAY!
Way to add to my baby fever...

Charisma inspires with another awesome post about self love!
I am so going to follow her advice!

Post Secret never ceases to catch my attention on Sundays... (1 2)

Game of Thrones has slowly taken over our lives!
Do you watch the show also?
If you do, this meme will make you laugh!

...and I leave you with that list of random things!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pineapples, peaches, and oranges...

Another week has started guys.
Work has been weird because everyone now knows that I will no longer be within the office after next Friday.
I wish I could say that I am sad.
I am not.
I am excited for a new start.
I am nervous for this new position.

I will definitely miss the office and the people I currently work with.Especially after one of my customers came in with the following:

She was in the Philippines for the last month and a half and she brought this back for me.
So special...

But I am not sad.

I have a lot to do in the next two weeks. I plan on buying Thank-you cards for all of my coworkers so they know how much their guidance and friendship has meant to me.Good idea? or is it tacky?

Anyways...Let's stop talking about sappy things.

The past few weeks have been HOT here in Arizona.
...and I mean HOT!

At 8pm someday last week...

midday sometime last week

The heat didn't let up all weekend. That is why Colon and I vegged out this weekend. We only left the house for dinner on Saturday and fun activities Sunday night.

We ended up going to Thai Rama for dinner. It was my first time eating there and it was yummy!
Just look at those pot stickers!


On Sunday, Colon and I went out to see Justin Willman at the Tempe Improv. It was such a great night. Unexpectedly fun because I had never heard of Justin Willman. We met up with some of Colon's friends and I was excited when one of the guys there mentioned that he was willing to split nachos with someone. I was all over that! (I wish I would have snapped a photo for you guys to see the amazingness that was the plate of nachos... You would have drooled!) Is it sad that I was also excited for the beers that I drank for the show? I mean... who can pass up Mr. Pineapple and Blue Moon? I mean, really...

After the show, Colon took me to Four Peaks in Tempe. It has been a while since we have been there and I was so happy to have a glass of the Peach Ale.

Apparently Sunday was a drinking day...

I guess it's back to reality... cannot wait for the weekend! 



Thursday, June 5, 2014

A new start...

For a while now, work has been stressing me out.
I come home exhausted and not very satisfied. 
I have been frustrated and extremely unhappy. 
The feelings started a while back but I decided to ignore them and keep pushing through.
Yet, they would not go away.

I tried not to let on that I was unhappy.
Especially on this blog.
But sometimes, it would just slip.
I felt so guilty because I LOVE the people I work with and the customers that I saw every day.

But then, people started to leave (like these two and my manager).

So... I started to look out for positions.
In all honesty, I have been thinking about this for awhile but did not actively start until 2 months ago.
That is when I started writing work stress blog posts that I was too afraid to post.
But, I saved them and am posting them here for you guys to read about the journey I took.

It was stressful.
Nerve racking.
Down right scary.

have fun reading!

March 12, 2014
(Post from this day)
I did it. I finally went and did something about my work stresses. 

Lately, I have been feeling restless. 



I have been wanting a change. This is not to say that I dislike the people I work with. They are one of the reasons I have stayed this long. I absolutely love them and have created some amazing relationships with them. 

But, I cannot stay in a position that I am unhappy at just because of the people I work with. 

I cannot become complacent and I need a challenge. 

Looking for another position within this HUGE company has been on my mind for months now. The thing is, my company has a 1-year policy for applying for other positions within the company. So, I have had to wait. 

I finally hit my one year mark at the beginning of March. But, when it hit I was scared to do anything about it. I avoided looking at the companies internal job openings. I avoided talking to my superiors. I avoided talking to Colon.

Hell, I still have not talked to him about it. I just can't. 

But, I DID get up the nerve to apply for a position. 

I am nervous, terrified, and shaking as I type this. I don't even think I will post this entry just yet. I want to see what comes of this application.

Nervous and scared,


March 20, 2014
(Post from this day)

I got the response... and it wasn't what I was hoping for. 

Or was it?

I held my breath as I opened the email. Doubt flowing through my mind. Was I ready for change? Am I not in a comfortable position already? Why mess that up?

Well.. I worried for nothing because I didn't get the job. i got the typical, "There were other applicants more qualified than you" response. 

I can't say I am upset or disappointed. I'm just ...


Should I keep applying and looking or give it a break? I only applied to one position... Maybe I'll try again.

Why is it too hard for me to publish these posts?



April 4
I don't want to get my hopes up.
It's almost as if someone with power was reading my thoughts. 
Today I was in luck. 
I literally had someone who worked for corporate in my company and I was lucky to help him. I had no idea he worked for the company and we just started up a conversation. Somehow the conversation turned to further opportunities and career goals. Email addresses and cards were exchanged. 

Now, I am sitting here wondering... should I email? Reach out? 

So confused...

yet so excited and hopeful!

XO Lourdes

Guys. He emailed me. I woke this morning... and there was an email. It too me a few hours to think of a response. I didn't want to sound overeager BUT at the same time I cannot give off disinterest. You know?

I need help... someone guide me!

I am nervous. 

XO Lourdes

April 25
(I talked about it the day before in this post.)

I am trying again. Another application. Work has been getting worse and worse. Yesterday was rough and i don't know how much I can take. So, I have applied for more positions. 

God help me. 

I am nervous. 

XO, Lourdes

May 1, 2014

I got an email. It asked me to set up a time for an interview for the positions that I applied for on the 25th. Oh yeah! Something is happening! Thank God. 

Wish me luck!

Later on that day

And of course, I heard from the other position (from April 4th), too. I have an interview on the 16th of May. God help me. this is the position I want. I was started to get discouraged. Now, I have my hopes up again. 

May 13, 2014 Middle of the night

I cannot sleep. Help. So nervous. My interview screening that I mentioned on the 1st is tomorrow and ...bahhhh! My stomach will not stop flipping and my thoughts won't stop heading to a negative place. Just go to sleep Lourdes. Go to sleep!

May 13, 2014 
(Post from this day)

It went so well! I now am in the second round of interviews and will have my meeting next Thursday. They sent me an email to confirm the meeting and I am overwhelmed. They gave tips and I am so nervous. 

I know I keep using that word- nervous- but that is how I am feeling. Anxious and nervous. 

I also have an interview for a different job this Friday. A position I am more interested in. Hopefully something positive comes of it!

The interview that I set up on the 1st. That one went well also.  am so confused. I have second interview for both positions in the upcoming weeks and I am going to explode with nerves. Why can't they just decide to do informal interviews? I have to do research for both interviews and get my outfits ready for the interrogation...

Sooooo nervous... 

May 21

Preparing for my interview tomorrow. I searched and searched for a jacket for my interview. I have skirts galore in my closet but those pesky jackets. So hard to find one that fits!

I have

-- printed out copies of my resume and prepared questions to ask at the end of the interview. 
-- prepared answers to behavioral questions. 

What else is there for me to do? 

Wish me luck!

May 22

I just came from the interview. I think it went well but you can never tell with interviews!

Fingers crossed

And... I had to end this post by saying...

I got the job!

I was stressing out because it took so long (not really... only a week) to give me the offer.
But I got it and I am so excited!

Now to type up my 2 weeks notice...


Monday, June 2, 2014



Sometimes... a gift just makes you smile.

The hemp bracelet was made and given to me by my friend Diego. Four years ago- or it will be four years on July 4th.
The other bracelets were gifted by my sister. She bought them in Cuba when she visited family.

I pulled these out on Saturday and wore them to dinner.

They still make me smile when I look at them!
I am wearing them today to help get me through the day!


Sunday, June 1, 2014


We are now officially in the sixth month of the year. Almost half way through 2014. Time is flying people and my mind is having trouble comprehending that we are already in summer.

I guess it is hard to forget since the temps in Arizona have been scorching hot. It actually hit 110+ the last couple of days. Ridiculous.

My water consumption has been through the roof and I try to avoid extended stays outdoors since I do not want to become dehydrated.

So yeah... the weekend has been filled with indoor activities. After my update yesterday, Colon came into my room and stated that I should get ready because we were going out to eat. He let me know that it was a place that would have large portions. I was excited because I love trying new restaurants.

Where did we go?

The Cornish Pasty. (Make sure you don't pronounce it like "Paste-ee" ---it's pronounced "Past-y")

This place was amazing. The atmosphere was very super cute. It kind of reminded me of an old English food lodge with a hipstery feel. All of the tables and benches had wine/ liquor bottles with lit tapered candles. I loved the candles because I actually use our empty wine bottles the same way.

Colon and I chose a small table in the less crowded side of the restaurant. Our table was right next to a window and on the other side of the window the cutest kids were eating dinner. While we were eating, the youngest girl kept trying to get Colon's attention. It made my heart expand when I saw him interacting with that cute little girl. He really is great with kids.

When we first sat down, we both jumped to the drink menu.


I ordered the Strongbow Cider to start dinner off. So yummy!


I then chose the Chicken Greek pasty. I was in heaven. My first ever pasty and it was delicious.

The night was magical. Dinner with Colon with great food and such a cute atmosphere.

It's sad that I keep thinking about tomorrow. A new manager starts and hopefully things will get better at work. NERVOUS!