Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is in the water?

Yesterday, I had the day off. Well... not really. I had a jury duty summons but I was "on call". While I was running my errands and getting stuff done, I received a picture text from a friend. This picture text displayed her 1 year old son in his crib. On the crib, an eviction notice was posted with the due date of the new baby on it. Say what! I flipped. I was so excited! I know she has been wanting to get pregnant again and it finally happened.

As the day progressed, I realized that there HAS to be something in the water at work. Remember when I told you about my baby nightmare dream? Not only are friends outside of work getting pregnant, but I have had one women give birth, 2 (NOW 3) women who announced that they were pregnant within the last 3 months. This is crazy. I now refuse to eat or drink anything at work.

I kid.

I kid.

I am so excited for these babies! Oh yeah!

And now to distract myself from all these babies, I will open my Kindle and read! This past week has been good for my reading challenge. I have added a few books to my list! I know I have not updated recently (I mean my last reading post was more than a month ago...) but I have been trying to read.

If you look through the list, check out the "star rating" that I gave them on Goodreads. As I mentioned in my last post,

Anything with:
4+ stars means I LOVED the book. 
3 stars means I wouldn't recommend the book but didn't hate it. I could at least read the whole thing. 
2 stars means I finished it but it was a struggle. Would definitely not recommend it. 
1 star means I hated it and was not able to finish it. 

Now, a few of the books below have 3+ stars. I do not just hand out 5 stars.

 Drawn by Lilliana Anderson is one of the books that I rated 5 stars. Guys, this book... I don't even know what to say about it. It is intense. You see the characters and you realize the obsession behind their actions. You realize that it is wrong. But you want them to continue. It reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey without the BDSM. I finished this book within a few hours. I could not put it down. I never really give book reviews because I know I am horrible at giving them. All I know is that I could not put this book down. It played with my emotions. I could feel the heat in my cheeks whenever someone did something embarrassing or someone was heartbroken. It's a book that I would definitely recommend!

  Pick it up! It's free on Amazon. <==== I made the link really long so you would not have any problems clicking to get your copy of the book!

Book update
The Girl on the Mountain- Carol Ervin
The Bride Price- Tracey Jane Jackson
His Prairie Princess- Kit Morgan
The Baron's Lady- Charlotte Hawkins
Across a Moonlit Sea- Marsha Canham
All's Fair in love- Beverley Kendall
The Wild One- Danelle Harmon
Drawn- Lilliana Anderson
Curse of the Kingsmans- Emma Daniels
The Countess' Lucky Charm- A.M. Westerling
The Defiant Lady Pencavel- Diane Scott Lewis

OK... I'll go now!

Love you guys!


36 in 2014
1. The Scarlet Contessa- Jeanne Kalogridis
2. The Turning of Anne Merrick- Christine Blevins
3. Ambersley- Amy Atwell
4. The Earl's Inconvenient Wife- Ruth Ann Nordin
5. The Scoundrel's Secret Siren- Daphne Du Bois
6. Nothing to Commend Her - Jo Barrett
7. Caroline- Cynthia Wright
8. Outlaw Bride- Tanya Hanson
9. Mood Indigo- Parris Afton Bonds
10. Calico- Raine Cantrell
11. The Stargazer- Michele Jaffe
12. Myriah- Claudy Conn
13. Amethyst- Lauren Royal
14. Paper Roses- Amanda Cabot
15- A Lady of Deception- Catherine Knightly
16. Madeleine- Caroline St. Vincent
17. Silver Storm- Cynthia Wright
18. Life Before Man- Margaret Atwood
19. No Greater Love- Katherine Kingsley 
20. Intentions of the Earl- Rose Gordon
21. To Catch a Spinster- Megan Bryce
22. The Officer and the Bostoner- Rose Gordon 
23. No Place for a Lady- Jade Lee
24. Tennessee Waltz
25. The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux
26. The Rancher takes a Bride- Sylvia McDaniel
27. Our Little Secrets- Merry Farmer
28. Her Heart's Desire- Ruth Ann Nordin
29. Sea Scoundrel- Annette Blair
30. Wronged- Sylvia McDaniel
31. A Bride for Tom- Ruth Ann Nordin
32. Kissing in the Dark- Wendy Lindstrom
33. No Brighter Dream- Katherine Kingsley
34. The MacKinnon's Bride- Tanya Anne Crosby
35. Twice a Rake- Catherine Gayle
36. In the Garden of Temptation- Cynthia Wicklund
37. More Than Passion- JoMarie DeGioia
38. Unbidden- Jill Hughey
39. Fireblossom- Cynthia Wright
40. The Bride Wore Blue- Cheryl Bolen
41. Seductive Secrets- Lynne Connolly
42. Oh Cherry Ripe- Claudy Conn
43. The Seduction of Lady Phoebe- Ella Quin
44. The Escort- Gina Robinson
45. Her Mad Baron- Kate Rothwell
46. Summons to the Chateau D'Arc
47. Midnight Marriage- Lucinda Brant
48. Secrets of Midnight- Miriam Minger
49. Shades of Honor- Wendy Lindstrom
50. the Inconvenient Duchess- Christine Merrill
51. The Girl on the Mountain- Carol Ervin
52. The Bride Price- Tracey Jane Jackson
53. His Prairie Princess- Kit Morgan
54. The Baron's Lady- Charlotte Hawkins
55. Across a Moonlit Sea- Marsha Canham 
56. All's Fair in Love- Beverley Kendall
57. The Wild One- Danelle Harmon
58. Drawn- Lilliana Anderson
59. Curse of the Kingsmans- Ethan Somerville and Emma Daniels
60. The Countess' Lucky Charm- A.M. Westerling
61. The Defiant Lady Pencavel- Diane Scott Lewis


  1. Look at your book list, girl! You rock! :)

  2. Unplanned pregnancies have been going on around here, hopefully I don't catch that bug!

  3. Hmm, my comment seems to have disappeared. Love all the reading you've been doing! And babies! It's definitely getting to be that time in our lives where all the people have all the babies. All my doctor's seem to be getting pregnant ... le sigh.


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