Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soft Kitty, Warm kitty

Craving the Brewhouse Blonde from BJ's...
Colon took me here for dinner before he left for Miami
Lourdes here.
I bet you were wondering where I've been.
It's OK if you weren't.
 I know I have been MIA from this blog for a while.
A lot has been happening lately.

The last time I updated was last weekend. A week ago today. Colon and I spent a lovely weekend together. I had Saturday free and we spent the day picking up Colon's new speakers, amp, and guitar. Yup. He got a new one. We even went to The Music Store to pick up some equipment.

It felt great to hear him play the guitar! It has been so long since I have heard him play and I forgot how much talent he has.

Welp. He flew to Miami on Wednesday. It was my day off and I woke early to take him to the airport. He left to spend time with his mother on her birthday (which was Wednesday), Mother's day(which is tomorrow), and to be there when his niece is born.

The only sucky thing about it is that MY birthday lands between all those dates. Oh well.

I have been having fun here... It's nice to have the house to myself. Plus work has been keeping my busy!

What have I been doing?

=> Reveling in my letter writing glory. My sister wrote me back! I am loving this! It feels great to open up my mailbox and see an envelope addressed to me.

=> Playing the playlist from Charisma's Cinco de Mayo post. Love Selena!

=> I have been craving the Corona cupcakes with tequila frosting that Charisma (she popped up in this post again!) posted.

=> Since Colon left AND my birthday is soon, I decided to make myself a cake that I would like... which means that I could make myself a yellow cake. You see, Colon will not be here to complain that the cake is not chocolate. So, I made myself the Corpus Christi cake...and it is yummy! (inspiration from here)

=> Eating. A LOT. The day that Colon left, I made it a priority to go to the grocery store. I have been making my meals and bringing my lunch to work. Yup. I cannot stop eating. Not to mention that Colon took me to BJ's for dinner the night before he left. I pigged out while enjoying a beer! Oh yeah!

=> Freaking out that it snowed in Colorado. In May. IN MAY! That is crazy. I had no idea it could snow this late in the year! CRAZY!

=> I took the "Which Big Bang Theory character are you?" quiz and I ended up being Sheldon... yup... the person I was avoiding...

Soft Kitty
Warm kitty...

=> I am in season 7 of How I Met Your Mother. I cannot wait to make it to the end! So addicted!

Anyways... this post is getting long so I think I'll quit for now!

Love you guys!


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