Sunday, May 18, 2014

So much to say!

Hello everyone!

Happy Sunday!

I hope last week went by quickly and the weekend was amazing for you. These past few days have been a roller-coaster... not a bad one. They were just eventful and full of errands and things for me to take care of.

It was awesome to get emails from you guys letting me know you were introverts like me! As I received these emails, my spirits started to lift. I have always (especially during the schooling years) considered myself "weird" and an "outsider" for liking to have "me-time" most of the time. I don't feel so left out anymore and I kind of feel accepted after all those emails from you fellow introverts.

Also, the birthday emails and messages made me feel so special! I thought this birthday would be sad and depressing since my family would be in their own towns throughout the US and Colon would be in Miami spending time with his family celebrating his mother's birthday and awaiting the birth of his niece. It wasn't too bad.

Throughout the last week...

+  I made sure to spend time by myself AND spend time with friends. I picked up my first EVER crock pot! I am so excited to use this bad boy!

If you have any crock pot recipes send them my way, PLEASE! 

+ Work has been crazy busy. Sometimes I feel as if the office that I work in is falling apart. I remember when we were a unit working together. Now, it's crazy town and it is going down the tube. I am sad to say that I can see everyone lose morale as the days progress and we are losing workers day by day. It's sad to see.

+ I was surprised by the letter I received from my little sister. The last time I wrote about my letter writing, I mentioned that my sister Christina wrote me. Well, a few days before my birthday, my sister Alicia wrote me the longest letter. I love it! Do you see how creative and artsy she is? She drew and designed the picture on the letter! I have been working on a response to send back :)

+ Colon's niece was born May 13th. The day before mine. It was so sweet because his mother took the time to text me pictures and let me know what was going on since I could not be there. I foresee Colon missing my birthday for all my future birthdays to spend time with that little cutie. No lie. I bet it'll happen!

+ On that same day (THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY), I did a tiny little DIY. You see, I have this obsession with make up. Come on guys, you have seen my lipstick obsession.  Well, since I have a few colors that I used to use but have not used in a while, I decided to take four and melt them down into a mixture. I used a tiny cleaned-out Altoid tin as my lip gloss container. It came out super cute and the color is awesome! I was surprised at how easy it was! Try this out if you have some bum lipsticks that you are not using!

+ Celebrating my birthday was amazing.
My mom... she made me feel like a princess. I love her to death and even though I did not have Colon or any of my family here. She made me feel as if I wasn't forgotten. The flowers were beautiful. The strawberries were yummy. AMAZING!

My friends... I am so thankful for making such great friends out here in Arizona! Such a change from last year where I did not have a friend I would consider celebrating my birthday with. Thank You. Thank You. Happy birthday to me.

+ Colon came home last night. We were both so tired, we passed out right when we got home. Such a romantic homecoming! (sarcasm...)

We are both so tired now and will probably be passing out after we catch up on Game of Thrones!

Night y'all!


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  1. I'm glad you had such a fun and busy birthday week! I recently got a crock pot but I haven't used it as much as I would like to. We will have to share recipes!


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