Monday, May 19, 2014


Yesterday's post was horribly long.
I am so sorry. 
It's surprising that I forgot to mention some great things that happened this weekend. 

Two of the most important things (apart from Colon coming home!)

1. Saturday, my company hosted an event for the workers within the company to get together and do some team building. We played games and listened to some higher-ups talk about the state of our market. It was good because we realized how close our team really is (remember what I said about our team in yesterday's post?) It was cool because my team got together and elected me to receive a vision award on Saturday. I had no idea and am so grateful to win this award! It bolstered my morale and made me want to work harder!


2. The fun didn't stop there. When I got home from the rally, I checked the mail and got a cool package from my cousin. She sent me makeup gear with a cool card that has a donkey on the front! Yup. We have a special relationship!
The wrapping paper was cute, too!

Ahhh... Saturday was awesome! :)


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