Thursday, May 22, 2014

Productive day off...

This week has been crazy. I ended up going back to work on Tuesday even though my body wasn't 100% better. I loved the day off on Monday (even if I was feeling like crap) BUT I was so bored. I never thought I would say this. I missed going to work!

So, when I woke up and still felt sick on Tuesday, I pushed through it and went to work. The past two days have been LONG slow days at work. Clients have been grouchy lately and my patience for my work place has been waning. I am becoming stressed and unhappy. But, we'll get into that another time.

After work on Tuesday, I searched and searched for a jacket. Something professional that would match the millions of skirts that I have in my closet. It took me 2 hours... but I found it!


Yesterday, after work, I got home and looked over my resume, printed it out and put it into my portfolio. I then researched common behavioral questions and questions that I could ask at the end of an interview.  **If you haven't figured it out yet, I was preparing for an interview!

I was so nervous and it helped that Colon asked me to go to his soccer game. It gave me a chance to focus on something else and to not freak out.

That was me.
Taking a picture of myself to send to my mom and sisters to ask their advice. 
So yeah. I went to an interview today. I was full of nerves ALL DAY. I made myself leave the house 2 hours early and drive by the location of the interview. I stopped at Target because I wanted to get a bag. Something to occupy my time and smooth down the butterflies in my stomach. I found a Starbucks close to the location and hunkered down for the next 1.5 hours.

I read.
I sipped on a yummy cafe vanilla frap.
I looked over the questions and answers that I prepared.
I took selfies.

I opted for a bun!

I occupied my time.

The interview went well.
Now it's just a wait!
Cross your fingers!


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  1. Crossing my fingers for you! Hope the new job is the right fit for you!


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