Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lack toast and tolerant

Just for fun...
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

This post was supposed to be written yesterday. I had the itch to write it all day yesterday but every time I sat in front of my laptop to type, I lost the urge to put my thoughts into words.

Why does that happen? It's annoying.

Last year, Memorial Day weekend was such an adventure. It was special and I constantly think of that weekend. I was hoping that this year, Colon and I would do something similar.

We didn't end up going on a trip but the weekend was still fun. I didn't plan a trip because I had volunteering on Saturday and I also didn't realize it was Memorial Day weekend until last Thursday (oops).

Colon was grumpy and cold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In all honesty, I was pretty distant, cold, and grumpy, too. It has something to do with my monthly friend... or should I call it my biweekly friend. (Yes... If you don't like hearing about my period problems, then skip to here...)

I have never had a period that I could track. It comes when it comes and sometimes it skips a month. Sometimes I get it twice or thrice a month. Yes. You read that right. I hate it. The past few months, I have noticed that I get a very very light spotty period (too much info? I told you you could skip this section...) two weeks before I get my volcano-ish period... (too much again? too late to skip now!). A couple days before this  volcano-ish period, my mood swings start. I get grumpy and argumentative. I don't want someone touching me. No hugs. Nothing.

So, I was grumpy... and I think that made Colon grumpy. During out grumpy time on Sunday, I decided to just lay out in the backyard and read. It was nice to get away and relax under the sun. The sky was so blue and just gorgeous.


On Monday, the cramp fest was so bad. BUT, Colon wasn't so grumpy and we were just better. It was nice to spend time with my love.

I cannot get over the pop top stations that they have all over the restaurant

We went to lunch at Rudy's barbeque and could not stop laughing at these grammar boo-boos. Go check out that link. You will crack up, too!

The rest of the day was spent in laziness together. He ended up playing with his guitars and video games. I spent time getting ready for today's jury duty summons.

Yup. You read that right. It was my first jury duty summons and I was nervous.

I mean... what am I supposed to wear?
Oh and come ask me questions on spring.me!

 I received the post card about 3 weeks ago and did the survey online. You are supposed to call the number on the postcard the business day before to find out if you are  supposed to fulfill the summons at 8:30am. Welp... I called and I was on standby. This means that I had to call back today at 10:30am to find out if I needed to report at 12:30pm. Welp... It is now almost 2 and I was released from my jury duty obligation.

So... I got another day off! I have, so far, spent the day grocery shopping and getting household stuff done. OH and I am using my crock pot for the first time. POT ROAST BABY!

I am so excited!

Since the entry is getting long, I will end this post.

I leave you with this Twitter post from George RR Martin:

I died...



  1. Girl, those periods are not normal! Have you asked your doc about it? Other than it being totally annoying, it might make it hard to get pregnant one day when you're ready for a baby (I only know this because as someone who is working on the baby making thing, I now know wayyyyy too much about my cycle and its timing and every. little. thing. that I thought never mattered).

    Anyway, looks like you had a great weekend despite that! xo

  2. I would check in with a doctor about periods like that. I've ALWAYS been right on time with mine, aside from two points in time when I was under high stressed and it was a week late. Maybe there's something a doctor can do for you about it?


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