Monday, May 19, 2014

For love and justice...

Wow... Lats night, I was all set and ready to start work on Monday. My body had other plans. I woke up feeling like crap.

I had to call in this morning. Staying in bed is no fun people. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Water. Water. Water. That has been my slow day.

To make time go faster, I have been catching up on Youtube, blog posts, AND....

watching SAILOR MOON!


I used to LOVE this show. My sisters and I would even create home videos/ summer plays where we would take an episode and recreate it. I had no idea that they stopped airing the show in the states. I just knew I couldn't find them everywhere. Well, a month or two ago Colon sent me a link stating that they would start airing them in the States again. I didn't believe it until I saw another article that was published on Friday.

I have watched the 4 episodes that were released today. Thanks to this whole being sick thing!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!




  1. Guess I have to watch it - I've never seen a single episode! New show on my list :)


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