Saturday, May 31, 2014

but first...

Lately, I have been saying this A LOT. This work week was CRAZY. We have been short staffed for the past couple of months and coping with this has been more than tough.

 But it was also emotional.

On Wednesday, we all went through the work day as normal. We were all pulling together and the events of the end of the day were... unexpected. While we were finishing up, one of our team members was let go. YUP... they were asked to hand in their keys. She promptly handed in her keys and left. Nothing was said to the rest of the team members.

I was so shocked...

You see... I have become pretty close to this coworker. She has been the person I could talk to whenever I get frustrated with work or life happenings.

...and her dismissal also has brought our office into further chaos. Work stress has been off the charts. BAHHHH!!!

To top it all off, the pregnant coworker that I mentioned in my last post got promoted a week or two ago and it was her last day yesterday. YUP. One more person that we are lacking within the office. Another person for me to miss terribly!


What have I been doing to make me feel better?


Taking selfies and sending them to the two friends that I mentioned above!

I am going to keep taking selfies and harassing them with it. They will NEVER forget me :)

While I am doing that, read this article by Charisma and I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!


OH and check out this cool tutorial! Love Nicole!


  1. Aww, I'm so sorry you lost two friend-coworkers :( That's such a bummer. Maybe your company will hire two more amazing people!

  2. We went through this in our office last year. It was a really challenging transition when the Housing Authority first acquired our office, and I can absolutely relate to what you're talking about. I hope things smooth out soon!


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