Monday, May 12, 2014

Are you an Introvert?

I am soooo copying this post title from Mrs. Teacher. She posted a "quiz" to see if you are an introvert. I usually will describe myself as one, but am I really?

Let's see...

1. I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities. TRUE
2. I often prefer to express myself in writing. TRUE
3. I enjoy solitude. TRUE
4. I seem to care less than my peers about wealth, fame, and status. TRUE
5. I dislike small talk, but I enjoy talking in depth about topics that matter to me. TRUE
6. People tell me I'm a good listener. TRUE
7. I'm not a big risk-taker. TRUE
8. I enjoy work that allows me to dive in with few interruptions. TRUE
9. I like to celebrate birthdays on a small scale, with only one or two close friends or family members. TRUE
10. People describe me as "soft-spoken" or "mellow". TRUE
11. I prefer not to show or discuss my work with others until it is finished. TRUE
12. I dislike conflict. TRUE
13. I do my best work on my own. TRUE
14. I tend to think before I speak. TRUE
15. I feel drained after being out and about, even if I've enjoyed myself. TRUE
16. I often let calls go through to voice mail. TRUE 
17. If I had to choose, I'd prefer a weekend with nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled.
18. I don't enjoy multitasking. FALSE
19. I can concentrate easily. FALSE
20. In classroom situations, I prefer lectures to seminars. TRUE

So... 2/20 were False. 
This means that I may be an introvert!
What are you? Are you an introvert like me?
Answer these and let me know :)



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