Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Recap...

I have been lazy with my posts. I know. So sorry. Things have been happening this (these past few) week(s) and my blogging became last on my list. What has been happening this week?

* My boss' last day was yesterday. It was so sad and made me realize that things can change in an instant.

* Colon and I celebrated our 7 Year Anniversary on Wednesday! It's crazy to think we have been together for so long. [ 6, 5.5, 5, 4.5, 43.5, relationship scrapbook]

* I filled up my gas tank for the first time since I got my car. 335 miles people. I was averaging 30.5 miles to the gallon! freaking awesome!


* One of the customers at work owns a company called Carbon Pens. When I found out about the company, I decided to buy a few of the pens for Christmas 2013 presents and I loved them. Well, the company just came out with a new pen and I was surprised when said customer came in and brought one in for me. It was such a nice gesture and it made my day. I have been using the new pen, the Stealth 3.0, for my letter/card writing revival and it is awesome. Guys, seriously check out his pens! You will love them!


* I finally replaced my Kindle and I love it! Guys, I have been stalking the Amazon website for a while and when I was ready to purchase my new Kindle, I saw that they were having a Mother's day sale on the Kindles. Check it out people!

Welp... I am going to have fun this weekend!

Lots of love people...


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