Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sometimes you want to feel blue...

The title to this posts sounds so depressing... but I promise that everything is A-OK over here.

Actually it's more than just OK. 

After days and weeks of stressing out over my car, my stress has been done away with. Monday morning, I went to the bank and figured out my financing. I was having trouble with financing because I am a first time buyer of a big ticket item (AKA car or house). On Sunday, the dealership told me I would NEED a cosigner. I was freaking out because I didn't want to burden my parents. But my mom is amazing and said she would help. 

I was stressing out at work yesterday. So nervous about the strain on my budget that this new car would present. What if I could not find a RELIABLE car within my budget? I couldn't keep bothering Colon to drive me to and from work. He always ended up hitting traffic after dropping me off at work or on his way to pick me up. 

Once the bank financing was in place, we decided to go to the dealership on my day off...


We woke up and made our way to a different Toyota dealership. We looked and looked. I sat in cars and test drove the one that caught my eye. Colon was a master at "haggling" and we got a pretty good deal.  


Five hours and a free lunch later, I drove off the lot in my new car. I am so happy because the dealership give me a better financing offer for the car (without a cosigner!) and the finances seem more feasible for me now.

I love my BLUE car (hence the name of the post title...) and I am so excited to drive it around. 

Here's to my first car and my ability to drive myself to places!

Oh... and to Colon too! We cannot forget him!



  1. That is so great that everything fell into place and ended up even better than you were originally anticipating! Congrats on your first big-ticket purchase!!!

  2. That's awesome! I had to help Ammon with financing when we replaced his car a few years ago -- and even then, we could only get a 13% APR deal. We were luckily able to refinance that a year ago down to 3.24%... score! We're really looking forward to replacing my car later this year, knowing our finances should be in good enough shape to make it happen.


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