Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Laughs on the weekend...

After the news about my car on Friday and  a LONG day at work,  Colon took me to a comedy show at the Tempe Improv. The headliner was Chris D'elia.

I have not laughed so hard in such a long time. Every person that donned that stage made me laugh. Especially Jason Collings. You should check out some of his bits. They will have you on the floor laughing.

We ended up going to the show with one of Colon's friends, his wife, and another friend. The company made the night even better and it was great to laugh with friends.

It was great seeing Colon laughing. I have always LOVED the sound of his laugh and hearing it made me laugh harder and made my heart smile.

After the show, we found out that it was the birthday of one of his friends. So we made our way to World of Beer where Colon treated me to a glass of Woodchuck Cider! It was cool talking and hearing stories. Such a great night. Colon and I have been such hermits lately and it was such an amazing feeling to have a night out. We are so old...

Saturday was just as fun. Colon was hosting a family event for one of his extracurricular societies. There were so many kids there and a lot of cool games. I had so much fun seeing Colon with work colleagues. I also made sure to hog the tricycle from all of the other kids. :)

The rest of Saturday was spent lazing around the house.  I can say the same for the rest of Sunday.

Colon and I continued watching Mad Men and Bob's Burgers. It has been AMAZING! Betty Draper (Francis... whatever) annoys the crap out of me as the seasons progress and Don Draper has me coming back for more!

Anyways, today will probably be spent stressing about car issues. Wish me luck and pray for me guys.


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