Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Colon and I have spent the day together doing household chores. We ran to the grocery, picked up some food and then came home to clean the cars. 

Yes. I know I just got that car, but this Arizona dust will NOT settle on my car. I plan to keep this car nice and clean!

*As I am typing this up, I am thinking of the meaning of this Easter Sunday and trying to figure out how the Easter bunny and Easter eggs pertain to this amazing day. It's a cute tradition and my curiosity lead me here

*Yesterday, when I got home from volunteering, I received a call from my mom. She insisted that I check the mail. And guess what... There was a package full of Easter goodies from my mom!


She's the best!
She even got a wood carved Florida ornament! It is so freaking cool!

*Today, I am going to take Charisma's advice and just be grateful for the person that I am and the body that I have. She always has the best posts!

*When I opened yesterday's post from Staircase Wit, I started laughing. The picture perfectly describes me!

* I am missing my  sister and want to visit New York so I can see her. Julie made it worse with her pictures of new York City!

* This lovely lady mentioned two ( 1 & 2 ) AWESOME links in her post yesterday. The Shakespeare panels made me smile!
Go wish her a Happy Easter!

* How cool would it be to order groceries and have them delivered to you the next day. Amazon seems to be making that happen... (I cannot remember where I first saw this...)

* I have mentioned the Cups Song before. I am still obsessed with that song, but I have more respect for Anna Kendrick after her SNL Disney monologue. It's awesome!

*Last but not least, I am digging the high wasted bathing suit look. I don't know if it will look good on me, but I am willing to try one. I found a DIY high waisted bathing suit tutorial and am itching to make one for myself!

Again, Happy Easter y'all!


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