Wednesday, April 2, 2014


What does one do on a day off?

Binge on Mad Men of course! Especially since they updated the seasons on Netflix!

I totally thought I would have a productive day off but then Colon ended up staying home from work. It seems he was still feeling unwell and may have the same stomach bug that I had a few weeks ago.

So, while he was lying in bed, I cleaned the house and binged on Mad Men. I am so obsessed with that show and am admiring Don Draper (Jon Hamm) more and more. While I was watching, i started thinking of other men that I could consider "man candy".

That's how this post was born.

Without further ado...

Lourdes' VERY short list of man candy
Jon Hamm
Didn't make it at first but the more and more I watch the show... YUMMY!
He can do without the "womanizer" thing though. 

Henry Cavill
The face.
The eyes.
The body.
The accent.
How can he NOT be on my man candy list?

Cary Grant
So handsome.
Too bad he was a womanizer.
I just like to look at him!

This list got me through this rough day.
Work was rough again today.
Thank God for my day off yesterday!


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  1. So excited for Mad Men to come back on!! Oh John Hamm. And Henry Cavill is my celebrity crush!!!
    xo TJ


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