Saturday, April 5, 2014



It's the weekend y'all and I started off my weekend by having a GREAT Friday. The perfect way to start my "happiness" pact with myself.

* woke up 30 minutes before my alarm and had no qualms with it.
* had energy and started getting ready with a new pep in my step.
* actually was in the mood to do my makeup.
* even put my hair up in a make-shift bun. [To be honest, my hair was really greasy. I have been meaning to wash my hair for the past couple of days but I did not want to do a thorough hair wash until I did a coconut oil treatment. So... four/ five day hair in a bun was the only thing I could do!]

The only obstacle to my optimism was the watch that my mother gave me when she was here in January. I was getting ready and could not find my watch. I NEVER lose things because I have always been one to put things in their place when I am not using them. So, I searched EVERYWHERE. I started to freak out but then decided to just calm down and wait until after work to scour the house. Guess what guys. That paid off. I came across my watch last night while checking under the bed. YAY!

Last night, I decided I neeeeed to buy Frozen. Colon sent me a video of Kristen Bell singing "Do you want to build a snowman" and I balled! Weird, right?

...and Colon sent me a video of Jon Hamm on a dating show. I think he sent this to me because of my man-candy list! Jon Hamm is just fabulous isn't he? [Why did he use fabulous so much?????...]

Now I am enjoying volunteering and working my butt off. Cannot wait to get home and spend time with my love.



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  1. This picture is absolutely stunning!! And it's always the best when you wake up 30 minutes before your alarm :)
    xo TJ


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