Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crack... that's me car shifting gears...

It's almost Friday y'all!

Thank. The. Lord.

AND it's Sibling Day.

So, here is a picture of me with most of my siblings.


Aren't we cute?

I have not updated since the beginning of this crazy week. Time has flown by and this week was hectic. Work was stressful and house life was just as stressful.

On my drive home Tuesday night, I noticed that my car was not accelerating normally. It was to the point where it would not accelerate past 45 mph. So, I took backstreets home and have not used my car since. Colon has been so sweet and has driven me to and from work for the past two days.

I have been freaking out because I KNOW transmission issues are EXPENSIVE to fix. So, buying a new car seemed like it was on the horizon. BUT I can't buy a new car right now. I have been stressing about car costs the last couple of days.

Stressing so much that I have been talking my coworkers' ears off about my car troubles. Everyone at work says to check my transmission fluid level. The problems I am having with gear switching and acceleration can be directly related to transmission fluid levels.

I googled instructions and tried to check the fluid level for myself. I used this and this and determined that my fuel level was low. But I am not really sure. I don't know anything about cars. So, I made an appointment for tomorrow. I am so nervous and am crossing my fingers that it is just my transmission fluid levels and not something more serious.

Also, there are other things that happened this week that I am so excited about. I am not in the mindset to talk about it yet, but just know you will be getting updates soon.

Enjoy your night y'all!


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