Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Fever?

I usually start Monday posts off with some kind of quip about it being hard to go back to work... or it being a typical Monday.

Welp... Today wasn't a typical Monday.

I didn't wake up exhausted. I actually ended up waking up an hour before my alarm. I decided to spend that hour reading. I was mentally awake but had such a hard time keeping my eyes open. So, about thirty minutes before my alarm went off, I closed my Kindle and took a nap. (I seriously need to keep this in mind!)

Guys... I had the weirdest dream.

I dreamt that I had a baby. I didn't necessarily give birth to the baby in my dream. It was all the fun stuff after all the pain. I feel in love guys. YET, I was so relieved when my alarm went off and I realized that I didn't have to take care of a baby.

Baby fever?


And that's how my Monday started. I was nervous about going into work because I have been talking about March Madness and my Gators for weeks now. I am sure everyone at work was tired of it. So after watching my Gators play on Saturday, I was shocked and disappointed. UConn played great and my Gators did not play to their potential. I won't dwell on it here and my coworkers didn't mention a thing. SO.... I was nervous for nothing.

What made today even better? I finally took out my embossing tools and made cards for some of my friends. I am trying to revive letter and card writing. Sometimes it's just fun to write "just because" letters.

I think I am falling in love with writing because I started a journal. Well... not really a journal... It's just a small notebook where I can make lists, write my feelings, doodle... just anything. And I love it! If I can fill this notebook, then I will get crafty and make my own journal!

now... I think I am going to get some reading in... and maybe dream about babies. JUST KIDDING! I think it's just my excitement for my TWO coworkers AND this sweet lady who have announced their pregnancy!

EEEkkkkk... babies!


...loving this Edelweiss cover by the Honey Trees! Sound of Music for the WIN!


  1. hahaha. Sorry my pregnancy is causing you baby dreams. :)

    I love writing. yea, technically our blogs are writing, but the feeling of a pen in my hand. I've always written the three best things about my day. Fun to look back on them! I've started keeping a pregnancy journal too.

    I was bummed about the Gators too. :(

  2. What a weird dream! And I'm right there with you about talking nonstop about the Gators and then...wahh wahh. Oh well - Final Four is still pretty impressive!!


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