Friday, April 18, 2014


* Today, my boss announced that she would be leaving the company. I could tell that she was unhappy for the longest time. It was just a matter of time before she gave notice. welp... she announced it today and it was kind of sad.

* I finally brought in my old car to the dealership today. This should not make me feel sad but it does. As I handed over my keys and title to the dealership, I started recalling all of the trips I took in that car. I remember learning to drive in it. I resolved myself to taking one last picture of my Rav4 before I jumped into my new car.

* The first two things that I mentioned were sad.... but today really wasn't a sad day. It dragged on, but I had a great day. Everyone seemed to be in such a good mood. No pessimism in my little corner of the world.

It's blurry... I know...
I was sad!

* The rest of this post will consist of links that I found worth sharing!

* Sometimes friendships need to be evaluated... but how do you handle those that you are unsure of?

* I mentioned His Little Lady's Hairspirations posts before, but the snake braid is super cool! Why doesn't my attempt come out as cool?

* I want to make a floral headband. Does anyone else want to join me in the DIY fun?

* I am so going to try to do a bunhive! Mad Men style!

* Sometimes grammar lessons are necessary. No matter how old you are!

* I am thinking about getting pieces of jewelry. My favorite kind: dainty and feminine!

* Proof that you don't need words to argue... babies are soooo cute!

* Proof that there are idiots out there...

...and Colon and I are spending the night playing Mario!

Oh yeah!


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