Monday, April 21, 2014

#100HappyDays 37-51 v6

I have not been consistent with posting pictures onto Instagram for this challenge. Shame on me! I always find myself saying "Let me take this picture and I will post later on in the day. Well... I forget to post later on in the day and have been you will see (on Instagram) that there are lapses in dates for the #100HappyDays hashtag.

Oh well,  these are the last 15 #100HappyDays Instagram posts...

*Watching Cinderella
* Goldfish Mac n Cheese... yummy
* Turtle butt
* Finally using my embossing kit!
* GoT new season! Feels good!
* Cadberry Creme egg!
* Note from a coworker
* Chipotle!
* Tempe Improv to see Chris D'elia

Me... on a an event that Colon was hosting.
Go to Instagram to see the video :)

* Adventuretime toys... McDonald's kids meal
* Sitting under this lamp during drinks with friends
* Free lunch while buying my new car
* Easter package from my mom
* My new car next to my old car... tear!
* Surprise letter from my sister

A few pictures to start this Monday off for you!
I hope you had an amazing weekend. 


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