Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Swing higher and higher...

I love coming back to work on Monday from the weekend (a really long one) knowing that I have Tuesday off. Yup. Today was a day off for me.

Colon and I stayed up really late last night doing things we thought were fun (ie He played video games and I read). SO, I was not surprised when I had to pry myself out of bed. Since I was not willing to waste the day away in bed, I made that my priority. Especially after I spent so much time in bed last week.

I had a lot planned for the day.

I had to take a picture in the car wash!
My car was happy
*Car wash My poor car has not been thoroughly washed... dare I say it... in a year!
*Grocery store

Nike + Running app 
*I went for a walk and found a cute little park. So... I spent an hour or two out of the house reading AND playing in this little park!
Yes... I got on the swing...
A little girl was walking by with her parents and looked at me like I was crazy!
That happened. 


I have an obsession with trees and took several pictures with my phone while I was laying on my blanket. Today was just gorgeous and I am so glad that I took this walk!

* House chores. Yup, the dishes don't clean themselves. The Floors don't mop themselves. The counters don't wipe themselves. ETC ETC. You get the picture. Cleaning was much needed in this house of mine.

* Remember how I complained about my hair? Well, I tried something today. More on that tomorrow! I promise!


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  1. Swinging is pretty much my favorite. Also, I really need to take a couple of days off to deep clean my house. Badly.


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