Monday, March 24, 2014


Back to the grind people.
That's what Monday is all about.
But, today does not seem as bad as other Mondays for some reason.

The weekend was great.
I was able to have a nice and quiet Friday while Colon went to a concert.
I needed to have quiet time all to myself.
Time to read and just relax.

Saturday was busy with volunteering.
BUT, it ended with some special time with my love.
Colon and I went to The Great American Barbecue and Beer Festival in Chandler.
It's funny because we didn't spend too much time there.
We basically went for dinner (which was super nomilicious) and to try some beer.
Since the lines were long for the beer on tap, we opted for the canned beer.
All of the beers were from SanTan Brewery.


I tried the Mr. Pineapple and I am so happy I did.
I seriously need to make more time to visit SanTan brewery!

After the festival, we headed home and watched two more episodes of House of Cards.
I am seriously disliking Kate Mara's character in the show.
Say no to Kate Mara! :)

Sunday was a late day for us.
We woke around 11 and decided to opt out of a day in.
To get out of the house, we went and had lunch at Mi Comida.
Our lunch was amazing and so filling. I wish it was not so far away.
I would totally eat there every day!






I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping and doing house work.
I even wrapped and boxed packages that I wanted to send to my family!
Oh yeah. Productive day!

now... let's see how Monday will be!


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  1. It's always the best when you have a great weekend that makes your Mondays not seem so bad! And what yummy looking food :)
    xo TJ


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