Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 3...

...of calling in sick to work.

I cannot hold in anything I eat. It is the worst!

I absolutely hate calling in sick and sitting in this bed is awful.

3 days people . . .

The good thing about these 3 days is the reading time I am getting. I have been devouring books the past 3 days. This time has also allowed me to retreat from the world of work. From Stress.

Some things I realized today as I sat in bed...

* Colon really likes to squeeze/ press on my stomach when he knows I have a weak stomach.

* I miss eating without having to go to the bathroom right after... (TMI?)

* I have been doing so well with #100HappyDays...
   ...except... Yesterday I took a picture and didn't post it until this morning. Do you think that should count      for yesterday?

Day 7: Finally eating at the one in tempe. Yum mommy
Day 7: A different take on steak n shake (not a diner) but the food's still
 #yummy #nomnomnom
Day 7? Not really part of #100HappyDays. Just Colon hating selfies.
Day 7: Rainbow!
#howimissedyou #firstoneiveseeninarizona
look closely you will see two rainbows!
Day 7? Not part of #100HappyDays but should be...Rainy on one side... bright and sunny on another
#rainydayinphoenix #nofilter

Day 7: Rabo encendido for dinner... omg... so good
Day 8: Look who came along on the trip to flagstaff!
#powerranger #mightymorphintime

Day 9: Loving nick reboot...
#clarissaexplainsitall #heroutfits
Day 10: swoon times Infiniti to the infinite power
 #drooling#HenryCavill #boyfriendbetterwatchout

Day 11: A night in while colon plays video games
Day 11: My view on this sick day... grateful to have a comfy bed to sleep in!
#sourstomach #kindle #sickinbed

Day 12:What I have been looking at for 3 days ... took it yesterday but never posted.
Can this count for yesterday's VIA

I have been having fun with my #100HappyDays project.
I definitely think everyone should do something like this.

Before I go, I did want to see what you all thought about this video. 
What do you think?


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  1. I adore Henry Cavill!!
    I hope you are feeling better soon! I love following along with your 100 happy days!!


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