Sunday, March 2, 2014

Curse you, You little lying Delilah...

Off having fun with the love.
Couldn't resist the urge to get lost in The Phantom of the Opera and bring you guys down with me.

I have been watching the movie, listening to the soundtrack, and reading the book.
I am obsessed.
The songs are running through my head 24/7 and I cannot them out of my brain.

"Sing once again with me Our strange duetMy power over you - Grows stronger yetAnd though you turn from me - To glance behindThe Phantom of the opera is there - Inside your mind”Edit: Tales of the Night Whisperer

Favorite quotes from the book:
"None will ever be a true Parisian..."
"Are people so unhappy when they love?..."
"Your fear, your terror, those are all just love..."
"It was the prettiest game in the world ..."
" No one ever sees the Angel... "
"Oaths are made to catch fools with"

Happy weekend!


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  1. OH my gosh! I LOVE Phantom of the Opera! I have never read the book though. I love the movie and play. I love the Phantom, even if he is a psychopathic killer... :)


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