Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Beautiful Mine

I woke up today thinking it was Thursday.

As I got ready, I started thinking, "Two more days and then the weekend is here! Oh Yeah!".
You can imagine how disappointed I was when I was driving to work and realized I had only worked 2 days this week so far. Meaning, It isn't Thursday. It's Wednesday.


But, that's OK. Work was great anyway. It didn't drag on and people weren't too grumpy. Pleasant would be the word to use. Quite Pleasant!

How do I end today?

Re-Watching Mad Men and starting to write letters to my sisters and cousin.

Have I mentioned that I bought new stationary and plan to write letters to my sisters, cousins and friends? I feel that letter/ card-writing is a dying art and I plan to revive it! One person at a time...

I am going to start rambling now... just because I have come across some awesome things that I want to share!

+ My Jane Austen obsession is definitely out of control!
+ A cute metaphor for the Amazon Kindle!
+ I am dying to plan a hiking trip to Fossil Springs! Colon isn't too excited.
+ Tomorrow the Gators play in the Sweet Sixteen Round of March Madness. I am so excited yet so nervous! Does anyone else watch and get into this tournament?

All I have to say is :




Listen to this... Mad Men theme is awesome!

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