Saturday, March 1, 2014

#100HappyDays 1-6

                                              Day 1- Finally wearing this shirt from @colz10 
Day 2- Because unexpected cards are just awesome!
Day 3- Because one year with a company is an accomplishment
Day 4.1- Colon and I always see who can fill the tank to the nearest dollar... 
I guess he won this round!#simplegames #goofballs
Day 4.2- I wait all year for these! #cadburycreameggs
Day 4.3- Lumpia... yummy!
Day 5- Because my life isn't complete without books...
Day 6- Watching this movie after reading the book...
 noticing so much more!

Spending time with my love this weekend. 
Planning on having a blast on this first day of March.
Much love y'all!

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