Monday, March 31, 2014

A case of the Mondays

Today... was freaking ROUGH! One of the roughest Monday's in a long LONG time.
Work was crazy stressful and I just felt... frustrated all day.
Thank God for my day off tomorrow.
So soon after the weekend but after today a day off is much needed.

It felt great to get home and spend time with my love.
We are both feeling under the weather but... least we are feeling under the weather together!

* Who knew that mustache wax was a real thing....
* I am thinking of custom ordering cards and stationary from JennyPie5 on Etsy!!
* I want to plan a hiking trip in Usery Mountain regional Park! Maybe the Wind Cave Trail?
* I guess every girl thinks the same way I do when she goes to Target...
* A reminder to me that relationships are hard work!
* Because watching marine life videos calmed me down after a hard day at work!


Friday, March 28, 2014


It's finally Friday. After a week of thinking each day was the wrong day, I am so glad to see that the work week will end soon. Just a few more hours to go.

I woke up super (exaggeration) early this morning for our Friday morning meeting. I was tired because I was so excited that the Gators beat UCLA in the Sweet Sixteen round of March Madness. So excited to so how far we will go in this tournament.

So yeah... I was exhausted this morning. But it will be OK because I actually get to go home early today. OH YEAH. More time to enjoy the weekend.

Last Sunday while Colon and I were driving to lunch, he casually mentioned that he would not be in town for my birthday this year. I could not believe it. We have been together for 6 and 11/12 (basically 7) years and most of my birthdays were spent apart. He was either on an internship out of state or he was visiting his family in a different city in Florida.I understand why he won't be spending his birthday with me this year. I get it. His niece is due to make her presence in this world the day before my birthday. But still... it hurts and I do not know how to verbalize it without feeling selfish and stupid. I keep thinking about the last two birthdays. They were both amazing and are up there on my "best birthday" list. I mean, two years ago we spent it in NYC and last year we had an amazing time here in Arizona.

Am I being unreasonable and selfish? 

I think I know the answer to that...

Honestly, I think the initial shock hurt the most. I got it out of my system and now I randomly just feel twinges of hurt here and there. Just writing it out has helped me.

I am glad I purged this just as the weekend is starting.

Now I leave you with some cool music to welcome your weekend...


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

I am seriously sitting here in my living room about to have a heart attack.
A massive heart attack. ***

You see, I am a HUGE Gator fan.
My Alma Mater.
 My school.
My Team.

Orange and Blue all the way.

So, I am sitting here watching my Gator boys play UCLA in the Sweet Sixteen round of March Madness.

 Gator chomping to myself!
Drinking a glass or five of wine to calm my nerves during this game.

Screaming my head off.

All I have to say is...



*** I am not really having a heart attack. Just seriously nervous...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Beautiful Mine

I woke up today thinking it was Thursday.

As I got ready, I started thinking, "Two more days and then the weekend is here! Oh Yeah!".
You can imagine how disappointed I was when I was driving to work and realized I had only worked 2 days this week so far. Meaning, It isn't Thursday. It's Wednesday.


But, that's OK. Work was great anyway. It didn't drag on and people weren't too grumpy. Pleasant would be the word to use. Quite Pleasant!

How do I end today?

Re-Watching Mad Men and starting to write letters to my sisters and cousin.

Have I mentioned that I bought new stationary and plan to write letters to my sisters, cousins and friends? I feel that letter/ card-writing is a dying art and I plan to revive it! One person at a time...

I am going to start rambling now... just because I have come across some awesome things that I want to share!

+ My Jane Austen obsession is definitely out of control!
+ A cute metaphor for the Amazon Kindle!
+ I am dying to plan a hiking trip to Fossil Springs! Colon isn't too excited.
+ Tomorrow the Gators play in the Sweet Sixteen Round of March Madness. I am so excited yet so nervous! Does anyone else watch and get into this tournament?

All I have to say is :




Listen to this... Mad Men theme is awesome!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Back to the grind people.
That's what Monday is all about.
But, today does not seem as bad as other Mondays for some reason.

The weekend was great.
I was able to have a nice and quiet Friday while Colon went to a concert.
I needed to have quiet time all to myself.
Time to read and just relax.

Saturday was busy with volunteering.
BUT, it ended with some special time with my love.
Colon and I went to The Great American Barbecue and Beer Festival in Chandler.
It's funny because we didn't spend too much time there.
We basically went for dinner (which was super nomilicious) and to try some beer.
Since the lines were long for the beer on tap, we opted for the canned beer.
All of the beers were from SanTan Brewery.


I tried the Mr. Pineapple and I am so happy I did.
I seriously need to make more time to visit SanTan brewery!

After the festival, we headed home and watched two more episodes of House of Cards.
I am seriously disliking Kate Mara's character in the show.
Say no to Kate Mara! :)

Sunday was a late day for us.
We woke around 11 and decided to opt out of a day in.
To get out of the house, we went and had lunch at Mi Comida.
Our lunch was amazing and so filling. I wish it was not so far away.
I would totally eat there every day!






I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping and doing house work.
I even wrapped and boxed packages that I wanted to send to my family!
Oh yeah. Productive day!

now... let's see how Monday will be!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adventures on a day off...

Today I followed the pattern of my last mid-week day off.

I stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning trying unsuccessfully to pry myself away from a good book. I ended up finishing that book and forcing myself to go to bed. During my late night read, I was drawn to Colon's sleeping form next to me. There is something so tender and innocent about a sleeping man. As I looked at him last night, I was reminded of my love for him and I just felt so... happy. This led to the best sleep that I have had in a long time.

I am sure Colon read that last paragraph and thought of this:

Sent to me by Colon

Anyways... I was so excited to have a free day where I can do whatever I wanted. Colon left for work and I promptly got up and started getting ready for the day. Half way through putting on my shirt, I hear the front door open. It turns out Colon forgot his computer at home and decided to work from home for the first half of the day. So, cleaning the house became my first priority. That took so much time that we went to Pita Heaven for lunch right after. I got a yummy Gyro and we pigged out.

The rest of the day was all mine. Once I got home, I got down to business. I gathered a blanket, my phone, Zune and tennis shoes. I then started my Nike+ app and started to journey to the park.

 It was such a gorgeous day. The temperature was perfect. The sky was blue. The smell of flowers was in the air. 

Is this jasmine? It smelled amazing!




Oh it was amazing. I even found a new small little park that I hope to frequent soon. 

The rest of the day was spent browsing the web. (shocking...) and baking a cake for Colon (Yummy!)

I found some cute things online. What did I find?

An  outfit that I am currently coveting.
 Keiko is just gorgeous and her style always catches my eye!
Charisma posted a cover of Let it Go and I have been watching it non-stop. 
A nail polish idea
A turtle C section. Breaks my heart. 
1000 years of European border change
My hometown is the first one on this list. Oh yeah!
I am trying to decide whether I really want the UP or not. 

...and now it's time for me to scarf down that cake.



Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Guys. I think I am going to have a heart attack. 

I just ate the last cinnamon-sugar-caramelized almond that I bought at the Renaissance Festival this weekend. 
#thisshoudlbesubmittedtowhitewhine   <---If you don't know what White Whine is check it out!

OK. I'll stop. 

I have just been in a whiny mood lately. This week has been so long already and it is only Wednesday. There have been too many work days in the last 5 business days that have been hectic and stressful. I am just ready to relax and get away from all of the stress. 

Tomorrow I have the day off and I am looking forward to getting this house in order. 

Thank God for days off. 



Monday, March 17, 2014

Renaissance Tip(sy)

This weekend was amazing.
I am slowly coming off of my weekend high.
...and trying to will myself to get through this work day.

+ Volunteering: hectic and stressful
+ Movie with the lover: LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie we saw
+ Drinks at Colon's friend. We were supposed to go out but we had radio silence from the group. So, we decided to do a night to ourselves

+ Cuddle in bed until a reasonable waking hour (AKA around 10am)

+ Trip to Ross to buy sun gear. Colon needed sun glasses and I needed a hat. The line was terribly long. Only two workers in the store for a busy day. CRAZY!

+ Braved the bumper to bumper traffic on the way to the Renaissance Festival. Lots of jokes were told and weird things said.

+ Turkey legs. Teriyaki chicken sandwich. Frozen lemonade. Raspberry Mead. Pear cider. We ate so much. It was sad because the Raspberry Mead and Pear Cider affected me so quickly. I am such a light weight. But, that did not take away from the experience. The Festival was amazing and I am so glad that Colon took me!

+ Chores chores chores before the week began.

... Now I have to figure out how to use the new smart thermostat that Colon bought yesterday!

Happy Monday y'all!



Friday, March 14, 2014

TGI Pi-Day

It's Friday and I am just trying to get through the day so that the weekend will come.

Here are some fun links to check out to tide yourself over for the day...

** Oh how I long to take a trip to Paris or just France in general. Colon and I planned to do one last year but things feel through. I am 100% OK with it falling through. I am not upset. I just still long to go and Julie reminded me of that longing with her pictures from Tuesday.

** This lovely lady posted some cool cell phone cases for the iPhone. This inspired me to look for some Note 3 Cases. I found thisthis, and this.

**"Show yourself the love you deserve"!

** The Chocolate Mint Icebox dessert that I stumbled upon on Lauren Conrad's website has me drooling!

** I don't know how I feel about a Mean Girls reunion. Is it true it's happening?

** The Forever Nude and Forever Glam palettes HAVE to be added to my "Need" list ASAP!

**Colon is at it again...

He sent this to me:

and this:

I am loving the Frozen parody that he sent me:


Colon says that this video reminds him of me...


It reminds me of me, too!

...and he thinks the BroApp is funny. I do, too.

** I am not a fan of Beyonce's Drunk in Love but the Emoji video for the song is awesome. 

With that...

I am out!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From the meat of a coconut...

Ever since I moved to Arizona my hair has been a disaster. It is dry and tangles easily. It drives me crazy. So much so that I find myself:

+ thinking about it,
+ changing up my routine,
+ trying to find ways to make it healthier
+ complaining about it OFTEN
+ Seeking advice from friends that are accustomed to hair care in dry-Arizona.

When I first moved, my hair was still healthy. It felt good to run your hair through it. It was like silk.

Florida weather allowed me to wash it everyday without drying it out. The air provided the moisture my hair needed. Basically, my hair was low-maintenance.

That's what I want.


But, that's not what I got.

The transformation wasn't immediate. I didn't start to see any drastic changes until a couple of months in. I was still washing my hair everyday not realizing that it was causing my hair to dry out and die.

So, I tried washing my hair every other day.It didn't really work. My hair was still dry and it was getting tangled easily.

So, I tried washing it every two days. This brought about the oily monster and I cut that real quick. I gave up and just started washing my hair every day. I could not stand the feeling of an oily head and hated the smell of the oil in my hair too.

About two or three weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I had tried live in products and everything in between. I would try less washing one more time. I washed my hair every 3 or 4 days. When my hair was really oily, I would just put my hair in variations of braids, ponytails, or buns.

 I solved the oily monster by buying myself my first can of dry shampoo. I have to say, I am loving it!

I had heard of all the amazing things that coconut oil can do before moving to Arizona. I remember seeing this post about it and thinking... "Eww... who would want to rub oil in their hair. Isn't that uncomfortable?" I was not digging the coconut-oil-as-a-hair-treatment thing.

But then, one of my favorite blogger friends commented on this post and suggested I look up coconut oil hair treatments.

And of course, because she suggested it, I started doing research, found this cool post and bought myself a bottle of coconut oil. That is what I was hinting at yesterday! I actually did a treatment yesterday before washing. It's too soon to say anything, but I am hoping for the best.

Hopefully this works.
If it does, I will be asking people to ruffle MY hair!
If not, maybe I can do my hair like this everyday!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Swing higher and higher...

I love coming back to work on Monday from the weekend (a really long one) knowing that I have Tuesday off. Yup. Today was a day off for me.

Colon and I stayed up really late last night doing things we thought were fun (ie He played video games and I read). SO, I was not surprised when I had to pry myself out of bed. Since I was not willing to waste the day away in bed, I made that my priority. Especially after I spent so much time in bed last week.

I had a lot planned for the day.

I had to take a picture in the car wash!
My car was happy
*Car wash My poor car has not been thoroughly washed... dare I say it... in a year!
*Grocery store

Nike + Running app 
*I went for a walk and found a cute little park. So... I spent an hour or two out of the house reading AND playing in this little park!
Yes... I got on the swing...
A little girl was walking by with her parents and looked at me like I was crazy!
That happened. 


I have an obsession with trees and took several pictures with my phone while I was laying on my blanket. Today was just gorgeous and I am so glad that I took this walk!

* House chores. Yup, the dishes don't clean themselves. The Floors don't mop themselves. The counters don't wipe themselves. ETC ETC. You get the picture. Cleaning was much needed in this house of mine.

* Remember how I complained about my hair? Well, I tried something today. More on that tomorrow! I promise!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Pay it forward

Gosh darn. I am forever confused on how to start a blog post... 

Pay it forward.
Have you heard of it?

Person A does a good deed for person B.
Then person B does a good deed for person C.
Then the cycle continues.

I love the idea of this.
How amazing is it to do something for another person.

Last week, I was sick and had to miss a few days of work.
During my days in bed, I started thinking about all the things I should be grateful for.
My family. My life. The roof over my head. My amazing friends. My boyfriend.
My job and all the people it has allowed me to come across.

One person in particular came to mind.
I help this person practically everyday!
One day, I was feeling ill from the effects of a migraine.
The next day, he came in and brought me a jamba juice to help me feel better.
Such a kind and thoughtful gesture.
Unexpected yet it impacted my day.
Made me feel special.

I want to do that for others.

I want to make people feel special.
With a simple smile.

With an unexpected gesture.

So, I have decided create a "Pay it forward" category in my biweekly budget.
This will be my monetary portion of Pay it forward.
Whether it is a dollar towards the next persons coffee.
Or a few dollars to the next persons groceries.
I will pay it forward.
It will be random.
Whenever it strikes my fancy.

My non-monetary pay it forward?
This is the most important and special part of my Pay it Forward project.
There will be no limit.
Anything and everything to help brighten someone else's day!

I cannot wait!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 3...

...of calling in sick to work.

I cannot hold in anything I eat. It is the worst!

I absolutely hate calling in sick and sitting in this bed is awful.

3 days people . . .

The good thing about these 3 days is the reading time I am getting. I have been devouring books the past 3 days. This time has also allowed me to retreat from the world of work. From Stress.

Some things I realized today as I sat in bed...

* Colon really likes to squeeze/ press on my stomach when he knows I have a weak stomach.

* I miss eating without having to go to the bathroom right after... (TMI?)

* I have been doing so well with #100HappyDays...
   ...except... Yesterday I took a picture and didn't post it until this morning. Do you think that should count      for yesterday?

Day 7: Finally eating at the one in tempe. Yum mommy
Day 7: A different take on steak n shake (not a diner) but the food's still
 #yummy #nomnomnom
Day 7? Not really part of #100HappyDays. Just Colon hating selfies.
Day 7: Rainbow!
#howimissedyou #firstoneiveseeninarizona
look closely you will see two rainbows!
Day 7? Not part of #100HappyDays but should be...Rainy on one side... bright and sunny on another
#rainydayinphoenix #nofilter

Day 7: Rabo encendido for dinner... omg... so good
Day 8: Look who came along on the trip to flagstaff!
#powerranger #mightymorphintime

Day 9: Loving nick reboot...
#clarissaexplainsitall #heroutfits
Day 10: swoon times Infiniti to the infinite power
 #drooling#HenryCavill #boyfriendbetterwatchout

Day 11: A night in while colon plays video games
Day 11: My view on this sick day... grateful to have a comfy bed to sleep in!
#sourstomach #kindle #sickinbed

Day 12:What I have been looking at for 3 days ... took it yesterday but never posted.
Can this count for yesterday's VIA

I have been having fun with my #100HappyDays project.
I definitely think everyone should do something like this.

Before I go, I did want to see what you all thought about this video. 
What do you think?


Thursday, March 6, 2014

It just big deal...

More than half way through the week and I am ready for the weekend.
It's ridiculous how often I say that.

+ I have been suffering from a week stomach since Sunday.
I am having trouble holding things down and it sucks.

+ I got some good news from a friend a week ago.
She is expecting.
I am so excited and I cannot wait to snuggle her little one.
Looking forward to babysitting!
Oh yeah!

+ I have loved Kevin Spacey for the longest time.
He is such a talented actor and I can never turn down a movie whenever I see he is in it.
I LOVED American Beauty  (he was amazing in it) and have been obsessed with House of Cards.
If you have not seen HoC, check it out! It's on Netflix.
Another reeason why I love Kevin Spacey?
This video:

+ Colon took me to see The Wind Rises on Saturday.


It is the latest Hayao Miyazaki movie.
I definitely suggest watching it.
So good!
Plus, it may be his last movie!

+ I am loving these photos of Victorians smiling!
Doesn't it just make you smile?

+ This letter from W.E.B. Dubois to his 14 year old daughter is amazing.
LOVE the message in it!

+ Charisma inspired me with Tuesday's post.
I am pretty shy but once I feel comfortable my personality comes out.
I just need that initial push.

+ Once a month, I go onto Amazon and check out the free eBooks that they have.
I go on a downloading spree and download anything that seems interesting.
At the beginning of the year, I realized I had way too many books on my Kindle.
So, I have been trying to read them to at least make a dent into the list of books.
Some have been really good. Page turners. Engrossing.
Some have not been worth the read.
I have been reading like crazy and you will see that my 36 in 2014 list has grown.

Book update
Amethyst- Lauren Royal
Paper Roses- Amanda Cabot
A Lady of Deception- Catherine Knightly
Madeleine- Caroline St. Vincent
Silver Storm- Cynthia Wright
Life Before Man- Margaret Atwood
Intentions of the Earl- Rose Gordon
No Greater Love- Catherine Kingsley
The Officer and the Bostoner- Rose Gordon
To Catch a Spinster- Megan Bryce
No Place for a Lady- Jade Lee
Tennessee Waltz- Trana Mae Waltz
The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux
The Rancher takes a Bride- Sylvia McDaniel

One of my favorite reads for the year is Phantom of the Opera.
Obviously, since I have posted about it so many times in the last week. 
I finished it on Sunday and I am still in a PotO mood.
Heck, I am still in a "I must read all the time" mood.
Hope it stays throughout the year because I have a few books on my bookshelf that I am looking forward to reading!


36 in 2014
1. The Scarlet Contessa- Jeanne Kalogridis
2. The Turning of Anne Merrick- Christine Blevins
3. Ambersley- Amy Atwell
4. The Earl's Inconvenient Wife- Ruth Ann Nordin
5. The Scoundrel's Secret Siren- Daphne Du Bois
6. Nothing to Commend Her - Jo Barrett
7. Caroline- Cynthia Wright
8. Outlaw Bride- Tanya Hanson
9. Mood Indigo- Parris Afton Bonds
10. Calico- Raine Cantrell
11. The Stargazer- Michele Jaffe
12. Myriah- Claudy Conn
13. Amethyst- Lauren Royal
14. Paper Roses- Amanda Cabot
15- A Lady of Deception- Catherine Knightly
16. Madeleine- Caroline St. Vincent
17. Silver Storm- Cynthia Wright
18. Life Before Man- Margaret Atwood
19. No Greater Love- Katherine Kingsley 
20. Intentions of the Earl- Rose Gordon
21. To Catch a Spinster- Megan Bryce
22. The Officer and the Bostoner- Rose Gordon 
23. No Place for a Lady- Jade Lee
24. Tennessee Waltz
25. The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux
26. The Rancher takes a Bride- Sylvia McDaniel

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Double Rainbows

This weekend was just unforgettable. 

Colon surprised me with a day trip through rainy Phoenix: 
Drive to Lake pleasant
Yay for rain!
He even surprised me with Rabo Encendido from Mimita's Cafe

Early start to the day.
Trip to Flagstaff for some snowboarding.

Weekend pics in no particular order
Flagstaff landscape
Steak N Shake
Rain in Phoenix
Double rainbows
Power Ranger
Rabo encendido

Flagstaff pics!
Snow Snow Snow!
Colon's butt!

Such an incredible weekned with my love!