Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wood you be mine?

This morning I woke up in my bed alone.
Colon left yesterday for Colorado so I am spending the next few days of my PTO without him.
Colon left early yesterday.
Yes, I spent Valentines day alone...
... with some chocolate cookies, a bottle of wine, melted chocolates and strawberries.
...with some Jane Austen (Let's be real... Pride and Prejudice!) and other chic flicks (He's Just Not That Into You, Moulin Rouge, Casablanca, Shakespeare in Love...).
...and with my computer watching cool videos like this:

Basically I pigged out and enjoyed the day.

When Colon left I could tell how excited he was.
He has this obsession with snowboarding and skiing and has been waiting all year to take a trip like this.
Yet, he found the time during the day to text and call me.

Sweet Boy!

So yeah, waking up alone in a HUGE bed was weird.
I fell asleep with Pride and Prejudice on and my Kindle lying on my stomach.
(I have a weird thing with my Kindles but I will save that for another post.)
I kept waking throughout the night.
The first time I woke up, I moved my Kindle from my stomach.
I kept looking for Colon.
Since I kept waking up last night, I ended up sleeping till 11.

I woke and lazed around thinking about the day waiting until I could not contain my hunger.
I went and got something to eat.
I got my eyebrows done!
Found this on the hood of my car while leaving the mall:


... and on my way home I stopped to get the mail.

A miracle happened.

I FINALLY got a check that I had been waiting for.
You see, in 2007 a Target employee lost control of the carts and accidentally hit my car.
They were supposed to pay for the damages and never did.
BUT in June of last year they contacted me and said they had the check for the damages.
It took them forever (more than half a year) to get the check to me.
That is what I received in the mail.

So with this check and my tax return, I am so much closer to my New Years resolution of increasing my savings by $2000. I never blogged about this goal but I did list it in my 43 Things New Years resolution list!

Anyways... I am going to peace out guys. this post is kind of long and I hate boring you!


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